All's FAIR

Vendors Under the Bridge
Vendors Under the Bridge (Photo by Jim)

The annual Fair came to Fronteras last month, as usual, following the SemanaSanta madness. The area under the bridge is a great place to spread out.  Watching the construction of temporary booths was good entertainment.   These portable party (not potty) people have really got it down to an art form.  They relocate in each little pueblo on a regular basis, and have the system pretty well organized for erections and dismantling.

Bungee Jumping
Bungee Jumping (Photo by Jim)

The fair brings lots of local color with the various games of chance, extra comedors, rides that look too scary to trust,  loud music blaring till the wee hours.  From land or water, watching the bungee jumpers fling themselves off the bridge brought gasps of amazement.  A fun time for all who like to experience life where they are visiting.

The clean-up efforts afterwards left a few questions for inquiring minds. There were small mounds of soot where various vendors had tried to get rid of the obvious trash by adding to our already polluted, hazy skies with more fire. Anyone who has beachcombed has come across a flipflop or two.  But what do you suppose is behind the random shoes found in the Fair debris? Submit your guesses to the Forum, award winners to be announced.

Single Shoes Everywhere
Single Shoes Everywhere