Places and Faces: Crow Bar


World Famous Crow Bar
The Crow Bar Sits Under The Tallest Tree In Town

With the large shady dining room and the nearly guaranteed afternoon breeze, the Crow Bar is a great place to spend some time.  Opening at 7:30 am, you can have coffee or breakfast while listening to the local net, Monday through Saturday.  Calamity Jane has tasty lunch specials daily (except Sundays),  and you can get a late bite until 8 pm.  While waiting for your meal, you can access the free internet service that the Crow Bar offers.  Roy can scan your passport or boat papers  and send them to your e-mail address for safe, readily available access.  Que buen idea, no?

Roy and Jane
Crow Bar Managers Roy and Jane

The World Famous Crow Bar in beautiful almost-downtown Fronteras, is still experiencing labor pains.  The permit-paper-mordida-trail grinds slowly, especially if there is interference like Easter and Fair Week.  But, under the capable managerial skills of Jane & Roy (of Steel Magnolia), the bar & restaurant feature something special everyday.  You can usually find a domino game, Scrabble, or maybe cribbage.  Unless you need space for a sewing for that, as well.

Sewing Project
Afternoon Sewing Project Underway

From the river, you can easily spot the marina, just look for the tallest tree near the bridge span. The Crow Bar and Marina is right under it.  Though presently full, they will be expanding soon, bringing more space for dinghies with it. When the upstairs rooms are completed, they will have an excellent view looking downriver.  You will actually be in the treetop.  Sweet.

If you're walking from town, just go under the bridge, stay on the downriver side, and look for their wooden gate and sign. They stand by on VHF 68, or call 5368-2331. For more information  visit The World Famous Crow Bar Website.

Hasta la vista, babies.