Places and Faces: Mini Marina
Mini Marina - River Side
Mini Marina - River Side

When listening to the morning net (VHF 69 at 7:30, M-S) , you will hear a few ads from Norman, the head honcho of Mini Marina.  He reminds us it is passport extension day and that he has over 500 books to swap, most of them dry.  He also promotes whatever he has to sell, usually used outboard motors.  The big question is 'Where IS Mini Marina?'

Norman (Photo by Mary/Camryka)

It is between Mar Marine and Rancho Mary's in El Relleno, but if you go by water, you will need to tie up at one of those docks.  You see, even though Norm calls his plot a marina, it is darn near impossible to get ashore from his waterfront.  

Better to enter from the street side,  rattle the chain on his gate, and he and/or his guard rabbit will let you in.  Enjoy the tour, listen to his many stories, and maybe even consider investing in one of his entrepreneurial endeavours.