Update on RAM Marina


RAM Marina & Yacht Club has completed the installation of a 6,000-gallon recycling system Cromaglass Waste Water Treatment Systems – the only one in the country of Guatemala.

Our WTF (Waste Treatment Facility) was installed and inspected at our presentation to CONAP, M.A.R.N., Naval Base, Captain of Livingston and other local businesses who were present March 14, 2007 at RAM Marina.

The RAM waste water treatment goes through a 6-stage , 6-pump, recycling process, which allows us to filter gray and black water on a 24-hour basis, programmed though a remote monitoring computerized system. The filtered and treated waste yields a 99.8% pure water suitable to recycle back into the environment. We have installed a 7.5-horsepower system at the docks to allow boaters to dump waste from their holding tanks into our treatment facility and alleviate dumping into the lake.

RAM Marina & Yacht Club is the only marina with this type of eco-friendly system. RAM Marina & Yacht Club is dedicated to the long term preservation of our beautiful natural resources and to setting an example of high environmental standards for mariners. There is a link on our website to a video that details the workings of the Cromaglass Waste Water Treatment System.

We have some impressive events in the working;

a) Gas station (Hopefully) will open in April 2007.
b) Convenience Store construction ahead of schedule, please come over to see the actual progress.

Construction at RAM Marina
Construction at RAM Marina
c) Many confirmed reservations from April forward for "Hurricane Harbor"
d) 118 Dry Storages in Process, 50% finished.
e) Service area 700 sq. meters, broken down by...
    Fiberglass work area
    Canvas work area
    Engine work area
    Wood Finishing work area

In addition RAM Marina has recently activated two web cams, which can be viewed at http://rammarina.com 24 hours a day seven days a week. Great for boaters on the hard plus those reviewing local weather such as pilots and others traveling from Guatemala city. Four additional cameras equipped for night vision are in the works.

Keep reviewing our website for changes in Process!


[Editor's Note: A detailed explanation of the web cams and how to view them is posted in the Rio Dulce Forums HERE.]