Early Valentine Day Party

The Bum Bum Rum hosted an early Valentine Day party this past weekend.  For newcomers to the rio, the Bum Bum Rum (make your mouth say say Boom Boom Room) is located in the little village called La Bacadilla.  It is across the river from Mario's Marina.  Though now just his personal home, in the past George had a restaurant and hotel rooms. The theme was "wear red" (imagine that)

Some took this seriously, and got into the mood, even with those fabulous Scotch Eggs.  They are always the hit of any potluck, and as usual, Brian and Christine outdid themselves. Christine is great about sharing this recipe, but no one has ever gone to the trouble like she does!

Pam's Apple Pie
Pam's Apple Pie
The river has such fabulous cooks that these gatherings are truly something to experience.  When was the last time you had apple pie with a heart on? Thanks, Pam.

George, the genial host, recently completed the new upper cantilevered deck, and it passed the max-load test.  They were positioning a limbo pole as this reporter left,  and have not heard of any injuries as we go to press.

Glasses were raised, toasts made to Suzie, who would have been there, had she been here.  Miss her already. 

Happy Valentine Day, one and all.