Tongue In Cheek Liar

Type of Story:  English Comedy – Sort of.
Setting: Boat in a Marina.
Principal Characters:
     Frank, Captain of the Boat who prided himself by always telling the truth.
     House Mouse, A lady guest

Commentary:  A House Mouse is a semi permanent resident on a boat not to be confused with spouse.


Mice and rats are a plaque to a boat. Once aboard they eat everything. If there are no crumbs lying about, they will feast on wood, wiring insulation, and even bedding. Basically they appear to be able to subsist on anything while destroying everything.  Getting rid of them is sometimes a terrible chore. Immediate action is always required.

So – Frank and guest, noticing new residence evidence on their boat, diligently cleaned every nook and cranny to discourage their new uninvited friend. Boats usually need that anyway. They set about buying appropriate traps. They figured that a hungry rodent would be certain to like one of an assortment of food and therefore used different bait for every trap and set them all over the boat.

No! Haven't seen him!
No! Haven't seen him!
As they were leaving and locking the companionway, they heard a snap. Re-opening the boat they discovered a mouse dead in a trap. The trap held peanut butter.

After cleaning and picking up their traps, they locked the companionway and left the boat. As they were leaving the dock they encountered a little girl who asked them if they’d seen her missing pet, a white mouse.

Frank quickly said, “No”, and hurried on his way.