11 & 18 lb. propane cylinders at RAM Marina

Now in stock at RAM Marina .. 18 and 11 pound fiberglass propane cylinders. The red 31 pound cylinder is available upon request.
RAM Marina now has 11 and 18 lb. fiberglass composite propane cylinders in stock at their convenience store.

2013 prices of the 11 lb. cylinders is $135 USD filled and the 18 lb. cylinder is $150 USD filled.. (The apparent price disparity between the two cylinders is because the smaller cylinder is more expensive to manufacture and has less volume in sales and production).

These transparent composite cylinders, manufactured by AGI Group have some advantages over traditional cylinders including visible gas level, lightweight and ergonomic and non-corrosive.

They won't rust or stain your boat and are as safe or safer than steel or aluminum tanks.

The cylinders have been inspected and approved in the USA and Canada: USA - Department Of Transportation (DOT) Special Permit SP-12706