Guy Smith, SV Hipsway, Succumbs to Injuries
Guy Smith, SV Hipsway
December 6, 2017
by Jody Aston, Editor and Publisher
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Guy Often Volunteered to Cook for Special Events
The Rio Dulce community has lost another wild and crazy, beloved character. We are sad to report that Guy Smith, of SV Hipsway, has succumbed to injuries suffered in a boating accident while in Belize. 

The accident occurred around 9:45 p.m. Friday, November 17th, off the west coast of the island of Caye Caulker. Guy and his 19-year old son were in their dinghy (reportedly no lights) when a larger vessel, belonging to Koko King Restaurant, collided with them. Guy was knocked unconscious and suffered a cut on his elbow, broken ribs and brain hemorrhaging.

His son was treated for lesser injuries and released to his mother soon after the accident. She transported him to Mexico where he received further treatment.

Guy was taken to a clinic on Caye Caulker, then transported to a hospital in Belize City. He remained there for several days before he was able to be medevaced by air ambulance to Canada. After extensive tests, it was determined that the brain damage was too extensive to undergo surgery and Guy was taken off life support. He passed peacefully on Sunday, December 3rd.

Guy was an integral part of life in Rio Dulce and his accident and death came as quite a shock. Updates on his condition were posted regularly on Facebook and his many friends have been posting photographs and memories, as well.

“Wild and crazy” is a recurring description and there are frequent mentions of his great big smile. We didn’t believe half the big tales Guy told, but it sure was fun hearing him tell them. Underneath that fun-loving exterior, though, was a truly kind person, devoted to his son, and a good friend.

Beware the Pirate Captain
He loved to read and would often laugh and say if he had a bunch of good books he could stay holed up at anchor and not even come to shore until he ran out of food. He also played Pirate Captain every chance he got, even officiating pirate weddings - with period gun and sword and rotten teeth.

Future travelers will miss out on fun adventures, as Guy made his money by giving sailing tours on his catamaran, Hipsway. He said he named her that because he loved the way women gently sway their hips as they walk. He was based in Rio Dulce, but made frequent trips to Belize, Roatan and Utila. He was known, and appreciated, for bringing cases of Flor de Caña ron (rum) from his trips to Honduras, as the tasty spirit is not sold in Guatemala.

Guy lived his life to the fullest, and we will gather at The Sundog Café on Saturday, at 4:00 p.m., to celebrate his life. We’ll bring photos, sing some of Guy’s favorite songs…and the Flor de Caña will be flowing. Guy, it won’t be the same without you, Knucklehead (to use one of your favorite terms), but we’ll try our best to do you proud.

Our most sincere condolences go out to Guy's son, Cooper, and the rest of his family. We hope you take solace in knowing he was greatly loved by all of us on the rio.

Ruben's Photo of Guy... With a Case of Flor de Caņa
Guy and the Gang - Always In the Center of Things at the Shack