Results of Bomberos Fundraiser
Bomberos Announcing the Grand Prize Winner of the Cow
November 12, 2017
by Jody Aston, Editor
Photographs by Jim Kenworthy, SV Dreamaway

The  Bomoberos Raffle Fundraiser was a big success! The grand prize winner was Edras Gomez. Bombero and former Captain, Rita Rabre, says he was so excited about winning that he gave another Q500 to the fund. The total raised was over Q11,000, which will cover much of the expense of kitting out the new ambulance. And in case you were wondering, the grand prize cow did not attend in person, but the bomberos had a lovely likeness available for the winner to see before going to the farm to collect her (it was a heiffer). Thanks go to Jim on SV Dreamaway for taking lots of great photographs - click "Read more..." below to see the rest of the photos. 

Little Helper on Tippytoes to Choose a Winning Ticket
Judy and Dana Displaying a Few of the Many Tickets Sold