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Despensa Familiar to add butcher shop E-mail
The News - Latest News

By Encor
COMING SOON, a real meat market (maybe) for the Rio Dulce.

New butcher shop opens July 17

Despensa Familiar, our local grocery store, that is supposedly an affiliate of Wal-Mart is expanding....and on Tuesday, the 17th of July, there will now be an actual meat market, with pre-packaged, weighed, labeled stuff that we will need our dictionaries for.  
  So , this is a challenge, go there, buy something, cook it,  report back to us, and let's compare recipes for the things we never could identify!

School students host Cleopatra parade E-mail
The News - Latest News

  Rio Dulce local residents love a good parade and it doesn't take much to get them inspired for another.
  Here are some lovely local high school beauties in Saturday's tribute to Cleopatra.
Photos by Sharon Kratz.




(more photos)

Sun Dog Cafe celebrates Jessica and Inga visit E-mail
The News - Latest News

JESSICA'S BACK ... for two weeks
By Encor, Photos by Sharon Kratz
  Sun Dog Cafe Saturday hosted a party celebrating the return of Jessica and Ingaborg, former owners of La Lancha restaurant on the Rio Dulce.
  Jessica, daughter of Gringo Bay's Jennifer,  lived and worked on the river at least 10 years, and has run, owned, managed most of the good eating places here.  
  She brings organization and vitality to wherever she is, and has always had good food and attentive service. 
  Alas, she's only here for a couple of weeks THIS TIME, but who knows what the future holds (she presently lives/works in Minneapolis).
  Ingaborg was Jessica's partner in La Lancha.  Inga is just back from a family visit in Holland, and here is what is happening in her world:   www.guatemala-boat-trips.com


Waypoints offered crossing the bar at Livingston E-mail
The News - Latest News

Here are some waypoints for crossing the bar at Livingston courtesy of a recent survey conducted by s/v Gyra. These might be helpful since the bouy marking the entrance is missing at last report.

1 Entrance:
 N 15 50.124  W 88 43.920  13.5 ft
N 15 49.804  W 88 44.240  6.1 ft
N  15 49.651  W 88 44.380  6.2 ft.
N  15 49.458  W 88 44.580  6.6 ft.
N  15 49.364  W 88 44.670  6.7 ft
N  15 49.271  W 88 44.760  7.9 ft
N 15 49.175  W 88 44.850  8.5 ft.

Height 12 ft slack flood @ end of survey 1:20 p.m. 3/17/07

No le hace E-mail
Features - Butchie Boy

no le hace
  Free Spanish lessons! And right here on the
  Now there’s a deal you don’t want to pass up.
   And from what I hear, a whole bunch of people feel that way and Schoolmarm Linda at Mario’s Marina has her hands full helping some of us to avoid making fools of ourselves…at least in speech.

  That reminds me (standard start for a geezer) of an event during my first month on the Rio back in ’02.

  The coconut trees at Mario’s were full of coco fruit and they were raining down, scaring the hell out of you acoco1t times.
  For safety, they had a crew come in to prune and the cocos were piling up. At the same time I was helping out in the clinic in Esmerelda, the village behind Mario’s . 
 Why they put me out front trying to understand family names and symptoms, I’ll never know, especially with my limited South Texas Spanish.

  The “waiting room” was full of moms with lots of kids…and most of the kids crying. In limped a young man holding his side. He showed me a huge bruise on his ribcage and another on his foot, and kept saying a lot of Spanish words that included “coco.”
  Well, my simple mind moseyed over to my latest experience, and I astutely deduced that perhaps he was the victim of a stray coconut falling at high speed.

  Just to make sure, I sketched on a piece of paper a coconut tree and a stick-figure of a person on the ground beneath the tree. Then I added a coconut falling through the air with the person dead in its sights.

  I showed it to him, and suddenly tears swelled in his eyes, followed quickly by a painful laugh. “Que paso?” I asked, relying on my language education provided by that famous Texas Tornados’ song “Hey Baby, Ke-Pa-So” (I didn’t think “Hey Baby” would be considerecoco2d appropriate).
  He continued laughing, while clutching his side, as he showed everyone the drawing. They all joined in the mirth. OK, I’m not a great artist, but….

  He paused long enough to take my pencil and turn the falling coconut into the head of a FALLING PERSON! He fell from the tree! So much for my Spanish! Well, we took care of his pain, and I gently patted him on the back and gave him a hearty “adios” as he shuffled through the door.

  OK, my Spanish sucked, my art work was a laughing matter and I’m sure everyone thought “gringo loco.”


  But hey, I found a way to stop all that damn crying, didn’t I?

  Thanks for the memory, Linda.

  Happy trails…


EDITOR'S NOTE: No le hace… is a column of the musings and ramblings of Butchie Boy, aka Hal Schade, aboard sv/GRIFFIN currently at Monkey Bay Marina. We’ll publish these whenever Butchie Boy gets off his lazy culo and sends us one. BB warns us that all obnoxious comments are meant to be just that, all good ideas are meant to be stolen and the best laugh we can ever have is the one we have on ourselves. And, “if you don’t like what you’ve read, just forget it, no le hace…”

Gill Hummel: still wandering after 11 years E-mail
Features - Places and Faces

By Roy McNett (with excerpts from a 2002 Minneapolis Star-Tribune article by Doug Grow)
  After 11 years of wandering this watery globe in his sailboat, Gill Hummel doesn't show much interest in settling down.
  What started out to be a whimsical cruise to the Northwest Caribbean somehow turned into a leisurely six year odyssey around the world.

AFTER A FIVE MILE HIKE on the island of Fatu Hiva in the French Marquesas, Hummel takes a refreshing dip in a locale that he said was indescribably beautiful, even though there weren't any beautiful maidens around.

   Originally from Minnesota, Hummel didn't set out to break any speed records or even adhere to a particular course or schedule.
    Like Forrest Gump who one day decided to just start running, Hummel one day decided to "just start sailing". 
  He was fifty-three at the time and was a clean-shaven, hard-charging businessman involved in real estate and construction.
 He held an estate sale ("I insisted that they call it an estate sale because it was the end of this life") to dispose of his house, furniture, garden tools and any other "stuff" that wouldn't be needed on a sailboat.


Anxieties subside over passport extensions here E-mail
The News - Latest News

  Despite recent concerns about foreign visitors' passport extensions in Guatemala, it appears now that 90 day passport extensions are being processed as usual at the Honduras border crossing and at Livingston
  Although the stamping of these passports doesn't quite meet the "letter of the law" of new regulations issued in June 2006 which require foreign visitors seeking 90 day extensions to physically leave Guatemala and the CA4 area for a 72 hour period, it is being done and is apparently acceptable.

Update received on Panamanian immigration laws E-mail
The News - Latest News
  While the Immigration law has not changed for tourists visiting Panama it has changed on Friday, July 6, 2007 to better accomodate cruisers.
  Boats entering Panama will clear all formalities as normal and Immigration will issue the captain and crew 30 days.
   At the end of 30 days the Captain and Crew will need to take a copy of their boat's documentation/registration, cruising permit, crew list and passport copies to the Port Authority for verification, the paperwork will then be stamped.
El Relleno hosts 4th dinghy race E-mail
The News - Latest News

THE FINISH .. Art or Barry?
  Forty-seven spectators and drivers were in attendance at El Relleno's 4th of July Dinghy Race.
  The race became more than a "dinghy" race with three entries in the "over 100 h.p." class.
   There were five drivers in under 5 h.p. class with one scratched and six competitors in the over 5 h.p.
   Fear was concluded to be the reason some of the drivers scratched after seeing the race course layout.
   Race fans flew in from Paris, France as well as Irene and Robert from Open Overcoat, Wisc.
   Excitement levels grew two hours before race time when members of the Lou and Kookie Club arrived to prepare food. They drank a case of beer before 4 p.m. racetime. Lou missed the race and party.
  Special guests included Rae, one of Bruno's Singing and Dancing Girls; Jean Claude Van Damp; Pickarow (Lovers) Womanizers, Rio Dulce's Only Cowboy, and Mean Joe Brown.
  The 5 h.p. and under race was a cliff hanger, racing at speeds up to 2 knot per hour around bouys, spectator boats and the news media.
   Several big power boats tried to follow the action but were left in the wake of top driver Wild Willie and others.
   The 5 h.p. and over race was a duel between Thrill Seeker Art and Cool Hand Barry. With his 15 h.p., Art ran away from the field. Rounding the island, Barry began gaining on Art's lead and, with his 25 h.p. craft, caught Art at the finish line.
  Great Scott declared his best friend Barry the winner. Art consequently received the 2nd place trophy.
  Later it was reported one of of Barry's employees removed the final bouy, confusing Art and creating the win for Barry.
  No protest has yet been filed.
  In the 100 h.p. and over class, Las Vegas Bob collaborated till 1 p.m. singing and dancing, thinking he had won 1st place. Spectators said he was a least a football field behind Snoopy Dave who was awarded the first place trophy.
   It was also reported that Las Vegas Bob, now known as the "Loser", cheated on the first bouy. While good guy Dave went wide right, Bob went left for the island. Rounding the island, Dave (now known as the "Winner") was in the lead while Bob was breathing exhaust fumes.
   Bob is reported to be seeing his Mayan Shaman Shrink for evaluation.
   The second place trophy in the 100 h.p. and up class was reported stolen. A reward of Q3 is offered. Police say they know who has the trophy. So watch your front door, whoever you are.
  Food was prepared by the Lou and Kookie Club members.
   Music was provided by a cheap stereo.
   Snacks provided by Lubie's Marina and Boat Works.
   Beautiful girl provided by Wild Willie.
   Thanks to Dr. Bruce (the chiropractor) for standing by for any back injuries.
   This was a point race.
   Trophies were presented after the race, before the seven cases of beer and one bottle of rum were consumed and the 30 chickens were savaged.


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