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Momma Said E-mail
Features - Butchie Boy


Momma Said 

  Recently I was taking my daily walk on the bridge over the Rio Dulce. Up ahead I saw a young boy on his hands and knees with his head stuck through the railing.
  When I got there I could see what he was up to. There’s a water pipe that runs under the railing, and I know there’s a small crack in it that sends a fine stream of water straight up about a foot. It’s been there for a long time.
  Well, this boy had his lips locked down on that watering hole like a wobbly-legged newborn calf on its momma’s teat.
 He got up and walked on with me, wiping his mouth and smiling.
  All I could think of was “what would my Momma have said if she caught me doing that?”
  That reminded me (there I go again) of a song that really takes me back to my childhood. It’s called “Old Screen Door” and it was begun under the Ballad Tree at the Kerrville Folk Festival many years ago back in Texas.

Three Atlantic crossings - next: the Pacific E-mail
Features - Places and Faces


(Editor's Note: After three Atlantic crossings, John and Sheila Quilliam of England on s/v Triumphant are now relaxing a bit in the Rio Dulce and planning their next venture. When asked to describe an Atlantic crossing, they said, "Well, actually, it's rather boring." Future plans for the couple include passage through the Panama Canal then across the Pacific to New Zealand. The following is an excerpt from their sailing log with some detailed tables and statistics.)

Mario's hosts Spanish classes E-mail
The News - Latest News

by Linda Card, S/V Carina


Spanish class at Marios -- photo by Sharon Kratz

¿Quiere usted aprender español?
   Forty-two people answered this question affirmatively and signed up for Spanish classes at Mario’s Marina this month. The response was much greater than I expected when I posted the sign-up sheets, but the more the merrier!
  Our Spanish class at Mario’s Marina began last year, when several of us gringos got together to study Spanish as a group. Cindy on S/V Dragonheart and Debi on S/V Lyric were the instigators; they even purchased textbooks via the internet.
  As many as twelve of us met every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon at the Cayuco Club for the summer months. It was very informal, and cruisers came and went, but it was fun and we learned a lot together.

Rainbow over the Rio E-mail
The News - Latest News
RAINBOW -- Brian King of s/v Mustang snapped this beautiful scene.
Crow Bar also famous in Czech Republic E-mail
The News - Latest News

Rio Dulce's Crow Bar really is world famous! Here boater Jean-Marie salutes Rio friends with the his buddies in Valasska Bystrice, Czech Republic, just 9873 km from the Rio Dulce. (Wonder how you say "howdy" in Czech?) 

Panama limits passport extensions to 60 days E-mail
The News - Latest News

(Editor's Note: The following is correspondence about passport extensions between Sharon on s/v Rose of Sharon and the vice-consul of Panama.)

To: Maria Luisa Quintero
Subject: December 2007 visit
   My husband and I will be visiting Panama in December 2007. We will enter the country in our sailboat, which is registered with the U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Homeland Security.
    We plan to enter at the Port of Bocas del Toro.
    We have been told that when our passports are stamped, our stay will be good for 90 days with an option to extend our visas another 30 days.
     Is that correct?
 Sharon Kratz
 S/V Rose of Sharon

Dear Sir:
   No, the law has changed. You need a visa stamped in your passport. If you are a USA citizen, then you have 30 days to stay in Panama and you can extend it to 60 days.
   After that you need a special permit and you will have to use the services of a lawyer to do your paper-work, or you can leave the country and comeback again if you have a multi-entrances visa.
Damaris Guardia

Embassy warns of mob violence, child stealing E-mail
The News - Latest News
us embassyThe following is a Warden Message concerning mob violence in the Petén as a result of rumors of child stealing, in an area frequented by American tourists driving between Tikal and Cobán.  This is in addition to the Warden Message issued on July 3 rd.  Please contact the American Citizen Services section via e-mail ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ), fax (2326-4655), or telephone (2326-4405) if you have any questions.

As of Tuesday, July 17, the highway between Flores, Petén Department and Coban, Alta Verapaz Department is unsafe to use and has been closed on repeated occasions.

Mar Marine restaurant relocated, upgraded E-mail
The News - Latest News

   Mar Marine, a family owned and operated marina on the Rio Dulce, announces the relocation and renovation of their restaurant.

  A new kitchen has been constructed and the dining area has been enlarged to provide comfortable and shaded seating.
   In addition, docks have been extended and all slips now include electricity and water. Side ties are available.

It's All Good: A Belize road trip E-mail
Features - Humor and Cartoons

by Sharon Kratz
A version of this essay was published in Telltales Magazine, April 2007.
 Joe and I eased Rose of Sharon out of her slip at the Catamaran Marina on Guatemala’s Rio Dulce and we quietly motored under the famous Rio Dulce Bridge.
  We nosed into the Esso fuel dock and I bounced the starboard bow off the fuel dock planks a bit, not much. We topped off the tank and returned to the marina dock for a clumsy re-docking. 

  “It’s a good thing we weren’t being graded. I brought her in for a 3-point landing,” I fussed. “You lost it when you were securing the lines.”
   “She squirreled because you had her in reverse instead of neutral,” Joe replied.
   We were both right. Bottom line: we were rusty and the boat . . . well, the boat had not been out of her slip since May 2006. May of 2006. Almost a year!
   Surprised to see Rose of Sharon moving again, a nearby liveaboard assumed we were preparing for a departure. “Going cruising?” he asked.

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