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Jungle Medic hosts CPR, first aid classes E-mail
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CPR class -- Bob Smith of Nutria Marina practices CPR. Photos by Art of s/v OK Fine

  Bryan Buchanan of Jungle Medic Missions hosted CPR and First Aid classes for boaters August 6 at his clinic near San Felipe.
  A total of 18 boaters took part in the day long class and were served a delicious lunch prepared by Bryan's wife, Riechelle.
  Bryan's teaching approach varied from the "strictly by the book" method to a more practical and realistic concept for boaters who may not have quick access to emergency rooms. This approach was well received by the boaters in attendance.
  For more information about Bryan and Jungle Medic Missions, visit his website at http://www.junglemedicmissions.org/
  Both classes were held free of charge. Donations for the Rio Dulce Bomberos (volunteer fire department) were accepted. Boaters donated over $320 US to assist the local organization.
  More photos of the class and the Jungle Medic clinic by s/v OK FIne are below.

Got Gas? E-mail
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bb1Ah, another triple-day for my Moviestar cell phone.
  Wahoo, time to load it up with minutes!
  When that balance is high I can hardly resist calling my friends back home. The first time they think they’re really special with me spending that much dinero to call all the way from Guatemala!
   My conscience finally takes over, and then I tell them it’s cheaper for me to call from here than it is for them to call across the street back there. At least they appreciate my honesty.
Well, the old blower (really ancient term for a phone) was packed with Q, so I decided to give my former boss and mentor a call…just to remind me of why I retired and went sailing.
  I don’t think he’ll mind me calling him Spin Doctor. We had some really swell times together in the public relations bidness, as we say in Texas.

So I dialed him up.

Navy enforces boat regs, registrations E-mail
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guat navy
GIT 'EM UP, MOVE 'EM OUT -- The Guatemalan Navy is now confiscating lanchas that don't meet registration and safety regulations. Here, the patrol boat tows a trio of lanchas to Puerto Barrios. It was reported that 10 others were also recently taken into custody. For more information, check out comments posted on the Rio Dulce Forum  http://riodulcechisme.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?t=121 and http://riodulcechisme.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?t=148
Basically, according to the Navy, if your dinghy or skiff is listed as a tender to your main vessel on the SAT (customs) paperwork when you entered Guatemala at Livingston, you don't have to register, although the Navy recommends you do so to make it easier to located your dinghy or motor if stolen. All other boats, Guatemalan locals and foreign visitors alike, are required to comply with registration and safety regulations.
photo by Hal Schade

Tree Falls on Boat E-mail
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 tree on boat

Story and Photo by D Gato
  The peace and tranquility of Fred's private dock was shattered Monday night around 7 p.m. when the top of a tree came crashing down on English Johns' small sailboat,  s/v Bobby Ma.
  Residents reported hearing what sounded like firecrackers just before the tree came down. There was no wind at the time of the collapse.

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Cruiser John Brandes discovered that when Avon comes calling in the Rio Dulce, you won't hear the trademark 'Ding Dong, Avon Calling!" but rather the sound of an outboard motor and "Hola!".
S/V Sueños Capt. Mike mourned E-mail
Births, Deaths, Anniversaries, Graduations, Life Changes - Deaths

Mike Shropshire
3/13/46  -  7/31/07 
S/V Sueños

MIKE SHROPSHIRE 3/13/46 - 7/31/07

By KAY SIDES  s/v Valentina
   Our cruising family has felt the loss in our hearts of a dear friend, Mike Shropshire, who fought the battle of pancreatic cancer.  
Now, he has been promoted to the position of Guardian Angel watching over sailboats cruising in the NW Caribbean.
Mike and Karyn got married five years ago with the dream to cruise the Caribbean in their own sailboat, S/V Sueños, a Tayana 45.  
They cast the lines off the dock in
Corpus Christi in April, 2006, and went to Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, Belize, and spent hurricane season in Mario’s Marina at the Rio Dulce.
s/v Sueños

Rio Dulce Slide Show E-mail
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Want to see an awesome slide show of the Rio Dulce by El Polvo? Click here:  http://www.riodulcechisme.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?t=394
You might be in it!
charcoal lady E-mail
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char lady
Antigua Charcoal Lady -- While her eyes are closed to the bleakness of her work, her spirit is forever filled with the colors of Guatemala.  Photo by Hal Schade s/v Griffin
Copyright © 2007 by Hal Schade

Momma Said E-mail
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Momma Said 

  Recently I was taking my daily walk on the bridge over the Rio Dulce. Up ahead I saw a young boy on his hands and knees with his head stuck through the railing.
  When I got there I could see what he was up to. There’s a water pipe that runs under the railing, and I know there’s a small crack in it that sends a fine stream of water straight up about a foot. It’s been there for a long time.
  Well, this boy had his lips locked down on that watering hole like a wobbly-legged newborn calf on its momma’s teat.
 He got up and walked on with me, wiping his mouth and smiling.
  All I could think of was “what would my Momma have said if she caught me doing that?”
  That reminded me (there I go again) of a song that really takes me back to my childhood. It’s called “Old Screen Door” and it was begun under the Ballad Tree at the Kerrville Folk Festival many years ago back in Texas.

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