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Lancheros dinner guests at Crow Bar E-mail
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Special dinner guests at the Crow Bar Tuesday night were members of the Rio Dulce Lancheros, boat captains and tourist information distributors. The lancheros enjoyed a candle lit dinner of curried chicken, rice and salad.
Passports need extensions? Visit Livingston E-mail
Features - Places and Faces

Jane and I actually took almost three days off from the Crow Bar and the Chisme-Vindicator and went to Livingston to get our passports renewed and take a well deserved break.


If you haven't made that trip yet and are interested, here are some details.

Taking a lancha from Rio Dulce is easy and enjoyable. Just go to the municipal docks and buy a round trip ticket for q160 if you aren't going to spend the night. The round trip ticket works only on the same day .. if you're going to stay for a day or two, buy the one-way ticket for q100. Then when you leave, you'll have to get another q100 ticket to get back to the Rio. (But if you have breakfast at the Happy Fish Restaurant, they'll sell you a ticket for q80).

OK, what is it? E-mail
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what it is?
Hal on s/v Griffin, always on the lookout for the weird and strange, saw this craft chugging down the Rio Dulce. And, of course, he'd like to know, "OK cowboys and cowgirls, what the heck IS it?"
   Go to the Rio Dulce Forum http://www.riodulcechisme.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?p=1707#1707 to post your best educated guess or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


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What?  You haven't gotten the Paca Fever yet?   You just don't know how much fun you are missing.  For the uninitiated, Ropas Americana are just what the name implies, America-type clothing (used or new).   But why, you ask yourself, would I be interested in this?

Rio Packed with Dean Dodgers E-mail
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full harbor2
-- A Star Wars collection of 15 charter catamarans from Belize anchored out in the Rio Dulce harbor for a couple of days this week to escape the wrath of Hurricane Dean, supporting the Rio's claim of being the "best little hurricane hole" in the NW Caribbean.
Photo by Don Gato

S/V Tania Jane struck by lightning E-mail
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lightning  Jim and Jake aboard s/v Tania Jane Wednesday evening experienced one of most boaters' worst fears -- a direct strike by lightning.
  Anchored near Hacienda Tijax marina, at around 8 p.m. on-lookers saw the lightning bolt hit the top of Tania Jane's mast, sending a shower of sparks cascading down.
  Jim said "my hair stood up, Jake's hair stood up and Jake said 'Holy sh_t!"

  "I didn't know you could talk," Jim told Jake afterwards.
 "I never needed to ..." said Jake.
  No injuries were reported to Jim or his feisty Jack Russell terrier but it appears that considerable damage occured to electronic and electrical equipment on the boat. His new VHF radio, chart plotter, LED lights and other equipment seem to be destroyed.
  Jim won't know the full extent of the damage until electrician Richard does a thorough survey.


New bookstore in Guatemala City E-mail
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  etcKaye on s/v Bettie (email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ) just got back from a visit to Guat City.
  She discovered that Sophos Bookstore is now a construction site but found another English bookstore in zona 10.

Etc Ediciones
6a Avenida 12-35 zona 10
2332-4985 fax 2360-9146
Lonely Planet guides, recent paperbacks, children's section.

  Here's their website:
www.etcediciones.com and it looks like they're part of the Shaw's Hallmark chain http://www.shaws.com.sv/hallmark/index.html
  It looks like it is also a great resource for English teachers in Central America.

Toga theme at Cayuko Club birthdays E-mail
Births, Deaths, Anniversaries, Graduations, Life Changes - Birthdays
balloon  Two birthdays will be celebrated this Friday, 24 August at the Cayuco Club at Mario's.  The birthdays belong to Karen on Rasmus and Sue on Oasis.
  Both are turning.....older....and the attire for this affair is 'TOGA!!!'. 
  All are invited to share in this happy event.
Attention Restaurateurs! E-mail
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Chisme Posting Lunch Specials Again!

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