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Rio Packed with Dean Dodgers E-mail
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full harbor2
-- A Star Wars collection of 15 charter catamarans from Belize anchored out in the Rio Dulce harbor for a couple of days this week to escape the wrath of Hurricane Dean, supporting the Rio's claim of being the "best little hurricane hole" in the NW Caribbean.
Photo by Don Gato

S/V Tania Jane struck by lightning E-mail
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lightning  Jim and Jake aboard s/v Tania Jane Wednesday evening experienced one of most boaters' worst fears -- a direct strike by lightning.
  Anchored near Hacienda Tijax marina, at around 8 p.m. on-lookers saw the lightning bolt hit the top of Tania Jane's mast, sending a shower of sparks cascading down.
  Jim said "my hair stood up, Jake's hair stood up and Jake said 'Holy sh_t!"

  "I didn't know you could talk," Jim told Jake afterwards.
 "I never needed to ..." said Jake.
  No injuries were reported to Jim or his feisty Jack Russell terrier but it appears that considerable damage occured to electronic and electrical equipment on the boat. His new VHF radio, chart plotter, LED lights and other equipment seem to be destroyed.
  Jim won't know the full extent of the damage until electrician Richard does a thorough survey.


New bookstore in Guatemala City E-mail
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  etcKaye on s/v Bettie (email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ) just got back from a visit to Guat City.
  She discovered that Sophos Bookstore is now a construction site but found another English bookstore in zona 10.

Etc Ediciones
6a Avenida 12-35 zona 10
2332-4985 fax 2360-9146
Lonely Planet guides, recent paperbacks, children's section.

  Here's their website:
www.etcediciones.com and it looks like they're part of the Shaw's Hallmark chain http://www.shaws.com.sv/hallmark/index.html
  It looks like it is also a great resource for English teachers in Central America.

Toga theme at Cayuko Club birthdays E-mail
Births, Deaths, Anniversaries, Graduations, Life Changes - Birthdays
balloon  Two birthdays will be celebrated this Friday, 24 August at the Cayuco Club at Mario's.  The birthdays belong to Karen on Rasmus and Sue on Oasis.
  Both are turning.....older....and the attire for this affair is 'TOGA!!!'. 
  All are invited to share in this happy event.
Attention Restaurateurs! E-mail
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Chisme Posting Lunch Specials Again!

Follow Up on Falling Tree E-mail
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See the follow up story on the boat killing tree in the Forum.


Fruity, veggie names for hurricanes? E-mail
Features - Butchie Boy
rabbit  A rose by any other name… Hurricane Dean.
  Hmmmm. Looks like the tropical weather is kickin’ up.
  Jennifer, down river in Gringo Bay, can’t always hear our cruiser’s net weather reports, as lame as they are. So if there’s something brewing I give her a call on the ol’ telephone.
  With Dean developing out there I did just that.
 During our conversation she said with a laugh, “Why don’t they name these storms after something else…like fruits and vegetables?” 
Immediately, I started hearing those little voices that go off in my head from time to time. Jennifer made me hang up before I had just about punned her to death.
  Imagine those clueless weather folks on TV, decked out in rain gear, leaning into a non-existent wind while ocean ripples lap on a peaceful beach saying:
07-07-07 Lucky Number for Hermits E-mail
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Ana and NateOn July 7th Nate and Ana of S/V "Altair" tied the knot in a civil marriage ceremony. The ceremony was held at Porta Hotel Antigua in Antigua, Guatemala. The ceremony took place outside in a garden by the pool. It was a lovely day and even though it was the rainy season in Guatemala not a single drop of rain fell. As a wedding present, Ana's aunt and uncle hired the Presidential Marimba to play during the ceremony and reception. Marimba bands are extremely popular in Guatemala and are considered a symbol of Guatemalan culture. In keeping with Antigua Guatemala tradition, Flan Antigueño was served for dessert. Before dinner was over, the wine had run out, and more bottles had to be ordered to keep the mob from rioting. The celebration continued late into the night at several bars and dance clubs in Antigua. Nate was heard to comment "The lawyer talked so fast in Spanish. I didn't quite catch all of it, but I'm pretty sure Ana gets all of my stuff." Ana had no comment, but did have a big smile on her face.
Jungle Medic hosts CPR, first aid classes E-mail
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CPR class -- Bob Smith of Nutria Marina practices CPR. Photos by Art of s/v OK Fine

  Bryan Buchanan of Jungle Medic Missions hosted CPR and First Aid classes for boaters August 6 at his clinic near San Felipe.
  A total of 18 boaters took part in the day long class and were served a delicious lunch prepared by Bryan's wife, Riechelle.
  Bryan's teaching approach varied from the "strictly by the book" method to a more practical and realistic concept for boaters who may not have quick access to emergency rooms. This approach was well received by the boaters in attendance.
  For more information about Bryan and Jungle Medic Missions, visit his website at http://www.junglemedicmissions.org/
  Both classes were held free of charge. Donations for the Rio Dulce Bomberos (volunteer fire department) were accepted. Boaters donated over $320 US to assist the local organization.
  More photos of the class and the Jungle Medic clinic by s/v OK FIne are below.

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