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Fri, Jan 26th, @5:30am (Event) Movie at Tortugal
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Brahva beer party Saturday E-mail
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brahva  Mar Marine is having a Brahva beer party this Saturday from 4:30 to 6:30 with the famous Brahva girls.

  Scarlet said there will be lots of dancing, drinking, contests give-away prizes and promotions.

  Special snacks will be offered along with a lot of fun for everyone.
New yacht, gentleman's club seeks members E-mail
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Do you want this in your town?
(EDITOR’S NOTE: The following news item, investigated by undercover senior staff writer Encor, contains mental images and lurid suggestions that might not be appropriate for viewing by younger readers of the Rio community, i.e. less than 50 y.o. The editorial staff of the Chisme-Vindicator does not condone or encourage wild dancing or cavorting by scantily clad women. (Yeah, right). Nor does it endorse the establishment of an environs which promotes the same. (Ok, fine).
According to recent rumors (and isn't that what Chisme is all about), there will soon be a new establishment for the elite expats on the river. 
The founding fathers of the Royal Rio Dulce Yacht and Gentlemen’s Club is actively soliciting charter members.}

For a limited time only, the initiation fee will be a mere $100.
Rio Dulce votes in General Election E-mail
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Story and photos by ENCOR

  As previously reported, Sunday was General Election day for
  In years past, the residents of Fronteras had to take a launch to
Livingston in order to cast their ballots. 
  This year, things were made much easier and more logical, by allowing those registered to vote at the
Municipal Building, which is just down the road to San Felipe. Our little pueblo was fairly calm and quiet, unlike most Sundays, when alcohol sales do a brisk business. By law, alcohol sales are prohibited on election day.
  In a  stroke of futuristic genius, one local school got the children involved with the voting process.  
General election Sunday, Sept. 9 E-mail
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From the U.S. Embassy:
  Guatemala will hold a general election on Sunday, September 9, 2007. 
   U.S. citizens are advised that demonstrations and sporadic acts of violence are possible in the days leading up to the election, during the election, and after the election. 
   While most demonstrations in Guatemala have been peaceful, and have not been directed at tourists or foreigners,
  Americans are reminded that even peaceful demonstrations can turn violent with little or no warning. U.S. citizens should avoid areas where demonstrations are taking place.
  The use of roadblocks and/or blocking of public facilities, including the international airports, has occurred in the past, and demonstrators may prevent tourists caught behind the blockades from leaving.
U.S. citizens visiting or residing in Guatemala should monitor local media reports and consult hotel personnel and tour guides to see if there is protest activity that justifies suspension of travel. 
  U.S. citizens may also consult with the Consular section of the U.S. Embassy for updated security information.

Monkey Bay weather crew on the scene E-mail
The News - Latest News
wxguyStormy Weather – With Hurricane Felix bearing down on Guatemala, the WeatherChannel was desperately looking for field reports on conditions here. So MBBC (Monkey Bay Broadcasting Company) quickly mobilized its crack team headed by their top reporter, Billy Jediet. To document this momentous event in MBBC’s short but storied history, we took these photos. In photo #1, you can see Billy living up to his reputation.
In #2 (click "Read More" below), you can see that in the true tradition of television storm reporting we were able to create a more-or-less accurate picture of what was happening. We received mucho thanks from the WC for “sexing it up.” Film at 11.
Copyright © 2007 by Hal Schade
El Boqueron canyon -- a place of beauty E-mail
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EL BOQUERON canyon is a wonderful place to visit with cool canyons to explore from a cayuko with a guide. Located near El Estor, it's one of the must see sights of the Rio Dulce.
Photo by Don Hudson on s/v Anon
sunrise E-mail
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A GOOD REASON to wake up early on the Rio Dulce is some natural beauty like this.
Roy McNett photo
Lancheros dinner guests at Crow Bar E-mail
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Special dinner guests at the Crow Bar Tuesday night were members of the Rio Dulce Lancheros, boat captains and tourist information distributors. The lancheros enjoyed a candle lit dinner of curried chicken, rice and salad.
Passports need extensions? Visit Livingston E-mail
Features - Places and Faces

Jane and I actually took almost three days off from the Crow Bar and the Chisme-Vindicator and went to Livingston to get our passports renewed and take a well deserved break.


If you haven't made that trip yet and are interested, here are some details.

Taking a lancha from Rio Dulce is easy and enjoyable. Just go to the municipal docks and buy a round trip ticket for q160 if you aren't going to spend the night. The round trip ticket works only on the same day .. if you're going to stay for a day or two, buy the one-way ticket for q100. Then when you leave, you'll have to get another q100 ticket to get back to the Rio. (But if you have breakfast at the Happy Fish Restaurant, they'll sell you a ticket for q80).

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