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Happy Holidays from all of us at the Rio Dulce Chisme Vindicator.

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Town Hall Meeting Wed. at Catamaran E-mail
The News - Latest News

ImageThe U.S. Embassy will be at Catamaran Marina Wednesday, May 7 at 9 am for their annual 'town hall meeting".

Very informational about the goings on in Guatemala and what the US Embassy can do for US Citizens here.

The meeting usually has list of doctor's and veterinarian's in Guatemala City and surrounding areas, and info on renewing visa's and avoiding certain hotspots in Guatemala.

Milwaukee tools now at Pintorsa E-mail
The News - Latest News

Pintorsa manager Dariz Solis de Ramirez and her assistant Alejandro Morales.
Pintorsa manager Dariz Solis de Ramirez and her assistant Alejandro Morales.
 By Julia Bartlett
When Pintorsa first opened seven years ago it was where we went for metal fittings, especially stainless ones, and marine paints and varnishes. 

There were fewer businesses servicing the marine market back then and it was a relief to know that I was going to walk out with nuts and bolts I needed without chasing all over the Rio, perhaps in vain.

When I needed a certain shade of Transocean marine paint they ordered it in for me from the City, and two days later I had it. 

But apart from the wonderful selection of metal fittings and marine paints and varnishes that was about it.

A full line of Milwaukee power tools
A full line of Milwaukee power tools

However, some good news, Pintorsa is now stocking Milwaukee’s sparkling new range of heavy duty power tools alongside Sherwin Williams paints in endless shades, Transocean and Sur marine paints and varnishes, Johnson cutlass bearings, their huge range of stainless and other metal fixings and all the products like epoxy, thinners, acetone, fillers and wood stains. 

The list goes on and if they haven’t got it there’s a lot that’s just a phone call away and nothing is too much trouble for the charming manager Dariz Solis de Ramirez and her assistant Alejandro Morales.

I also like being able to drive my launch literally up to the door to shop and load up, especially when things heat up around here. 

Pintorsa is located at the far right corner of the "concrete mall" across the street from BanRural. Contact them at 7930 5874 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Chicas de Vista Rio at Denny's Beach E-mail
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Oh, well, somebody's got to do it. Here's a few of the Vista Rio chicas enjoying a trip to Denny's Beach with the ol' editor/manager. Great time.
Oh, well, somebody's got to do it. Here's a few of the Vista Rio chicas enjoying a trip to Denny's Beach with the ol' editor/manager. Great time.
Richard "Chink" mourned by Rio E-mail
Births, Deaths, Anniversaries, Graduations, Life Changes - Deaths

By Roy McNett

One of the first things an aspiring newspaper reporter learns to do is to write obituaries.

That’s because an obituary essentially contains all the key elements of any newspaper article – the “who, what, when, where, why and how”.

It used to be that on most major daily newspapers that the so-called “cub” reporter was first assigned to the obituary desk where he/she was under the flinty eyed scrutiny of the city editor – then of course the managing editor, then the editor, then the publisher, then the readers.

If he/she could write a correct obituary, then there might be other, more interesting, assignments – like the police beat, city hall, commissioners court, features and so on.

Richard -- we'll all miss you
Richard -- we'll all miss you

(Please note that I’m writing about print journalism, not talking-head televised “journalism”, Have no idea where those folks got their training, if any).

Anyway, in over 30 plus years in the newspaper business I’ve written a lot of obituaries.

Never liked the job.

Still don’t.

And I really, really don’t like having to write this one about our friend Richard.

So I’m going to keep it simple and keep out the 5 W’s and the How.

Richard – known by many as “Chink”, “Chief”, “Ricardo Cabeza” (think about it and you’ll figure it out) and Presidente de Pendejos – is gone.

He was discovered dead a couple of days ago in his bungalow at Willy & Lorena’s Marina here in Rio Dulce.

And we don’t need the details here.

He was a man of many complexions with a lot of wit, humor and advice – he could have you laughing hard during a happy hour bar session or slack jawed astounded by some new insult that he might have just created especially for you, if you happened to rub him the wrong way – particularly later in the evening when his lower lip started to protrude and his eyes got a bit glassy.

He would tell it like it is – “imagine that”.

And he might growl, scowl, spit on the floor – then flash that big grin of his to let you know that it is all just BS, afterall.

Richard was one of my best friends on the Rio – and of many, many others here.

Tip a long neck Victoria beer for Richard (it had better be good and cold or he’ll give the waitress hell for it), spill a bit on the floor in his honor, and let's keep him happy and grinning in our memories.

Meeting to discuss changes for nav permits E-mail
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Owners and legal representatives of Rio Dulce marinas are invited to attend a meeting at 2 p.m. Friday, April 25 at the customs office in Santo Tomas to discuss policy changes concerning visiting boaters’ extensions to their navigation permits.

The meeting will be held at Salones del Centro de Formacion Portuaria de Santo Tomas de Castilla, Puerto Barrios in front of the catholic church of Santo Tomas.

For more information, contact Lic. Vidal Florian, administrador aduana Santo Tomas at 7960 0359 or visit these topics on the Rio Dulce Forum by Capt. John Brandes in English HERE and in Spanish HERE .

Good Friday boat procession E-mail
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The traditional Good Friday boat procession stops at RAM Marina as part of the visits to area marinas and other locations. Click Read More below for more photos by Julia Bartlett
The traditional Good Friday boat procession stops at RAM Marina as part of the visits to area marinas and other locations. Click Read More below for more photos by Julia Bartlett
BBQ Store now open next to BanRural E-mail
The News - Latest News

The BBQ Store with manager Alejandra Espana
The BBQ Store with manager Alejandra Espana
Photos by Silvia Marilu Aldana
New in Rio Dulce, the BBQ Store is now open for business.

Located in the Centrol Comercial Don Diego next to Gaby’s Bazar and to one side of BanRural, the BBQ Store offers just about everything you’ll need for delicious barbecues at your residence or on your boat.

Manager Alejandra Espana said the store now stocks a variety of USDA beef, sausage, cheese, salami as well as an assortment of German beers, mineral water, sauces, rubs as well as a selection of sugar free products, prosciutto and more.

Spices, sauces, rubs at the new BBQ Store
Spices, sauces, rubs at the new BBQ Store

Other items imported from Australia, Canada and the USA include chicken, hamburger, chicken fingers, ready to fry potatoes, chicken & cheese nuggets, Oakcreek bacon, bbg ribs and Argentine sausages.

Alejandra also notes thate the store now stocks Angus ground meat and tuna steak.

Open daily Monday – Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (closed Sundays), the BBQ Store can be contacted at 7930 5748.

Hurricane season on the Rio Dulce E-mail
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Enjoy the Rio Dulce and Lago Izabal
Enjoy the Rio Dulce and Lago Izabal

By Capt. John Brandes
The Rio Dulce is world famous as one of the best hurricane holes in the Western hemisphere. 

The main marina area is located 20 miles from the Atlantic and because of the long distance from the sea the area is protected from tidal surge.  Mountain ranges along the northern Honduran coast make it near impossible for hurricane winds to enter the area. 

The closest a major hurricane has ever come to the area was hurricane Mitch in 1998 which had maximum sustained winds of 180 MPH.  The Rio Dulce experienced torrential rainfall but winds were only reported as nothing to a slight breeze.

For boats that have insurance, most policies exclude coverage in an area defined by what the insurers call "the box" from damages which are the result of a "numbered or named storm".  Lloyds of London has deliberately defined "the box" to exclude the Rio Dulce area so that vessels moored here during hurricane are covered in all events.

Some years as many as 1,000 boats come to the Rio Dulce to "hole up" for the season and as a result a large support community has developed.  We have qualified technicians for mechanical, refrigeration, electrical, electronic, canvas, fiberglass, woodwork, paint and varnish. 

There are now three haul out facilities capable of handling anything from 20 feet to over 100 feet. Parts and equipment can be easily obtained locally or by import.

s/v Windy Dancer
s/v Windy Dancer

There are currently fourteen marinas on the Rio Dulce registered as "Tourist Marina's" and this is where most visiting boats will stay.  Many people come to stay for the entire season; others leave their boats to be stored while they return to their home countries. 

Most all marinas permit live aboards and some offer both in the water and dry storage.

I am often asked which is best, dry storage (on the hard) or in the water and there are plusses and minuses to both.  I will attempt to explain my opinion on this subject.

Each of the haul out facilities provide dry storage.  Two have travel lifts and the third has a hydraulic trailer system. 

The good points of dry storage are that the boat can't sink and if there is bottom work to be done it is already out of the water. 

However some very serious problems can develop over the dry storage period that should be considered.

First is the issue of water intrusion from above. 


INGUAT rescinds previous ruling E-mail
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INGUATE reps rescind previous ruling for boaters
INGUAT reps rescind previous ruling for boaters
By Capt. John Brandes
Photos by Eugenio Gobbato

On Friday March 28 there was a meeting at Nana Juana that was hosted by the Guatemala Ministry of Tourism (INGUAT) where it was announced that the rule regarding vessels having to leave the country for three months has been rescinded and the old system will be implemented.

This is very good news for all.

The rule that will take effect April 1 is as follows:

1. Boats when initially entering Guatemala from abroad will receive a cruising permit valid for three (3) months. The cost for this permit will be $50.00 US dollars plus Q60.00 (about $7.80 US).

2. Boats who wish to remain longer have the option to obtain an additional nine (9) month permit at a cost of $150.00 US Dollars.

3. Boats who wish to remain after the first 12 months as described above may obtain a permit to remain an additional 12 months at a cost of $150.00 US Dollars.

4. The extension described above for periods beyond the initial 12 month period may be renewed each 12 months thereafter indefinitely for a fee of $150.00 US Dollars. These extensions also require that the vessel be located in an INGUAT registered marina and there must be a contract with the marina.
March 28 meeting at Nana Juana
March 28 meeting at Nana Juana

There is no requirement that vessels leave the country for three (3) months or any other period to qualify for these extensions.

Eugenio Gobbato of Hacienda Tijax commented, “Basically they (INGUAT) announced the Mechanism for boat papers extension which they say the worked as a group under orders from the President himself and came to the conclusion that the previous msistem was the best and it was "legally" still in effect.  Changes were made only as a matter of interpetation and not in  substance of the law so now they presented us this little flyer with the step by step process.”

The fees stated above are SAT fees and do not include fees that may be charged by immigration or an agent.Image

Another thing that was mentioned at the meeting is the image of Guatemala in the International community. Because only the bad things that happen get reported in the media and social networks, the world has a very distorted view of what Guatemala really is.

I continuously have people arrive here for the first time and after a few days or weeks tell me "This is not at all what I expected Guatemala to be like".

We need everybody's help to get the message out that there is some really good things about Guatemala as well. We are asking that people share their good experiences about Guatemala on social media.

Also INGUAT has provided some web links that they would like people to share on youtube, facebook, and twitter which I have shared below:



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