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Interview with Guatemala Medical Travel E-mail
The News - Latest News

Image(Editor’s Note: The following is an interview by the magazine Que Pasa with Lori Shea, founder of Guatemala Medical Travel, in the magazine’s November, 2013 issue.)

 1.       Using an international medical advocate is a totally new concept in health care. Why do patients need the services of Guatemala Medical Travel?

 Anyone who has ever hired a good financial planner, defense attorney, real estate agent or security consultant understands the value of having a professional insider on their side, to guide their choices, saving time and money, and ultimately assuring the best possible outcome. We have the contacts and organizational skills to effectively negotiate every detail of the process, offering VIP medical services in Guatemala, generously and sincerely, at a fraction of the price you might pay in the United States. 

If you spend $24,000 on a kitchen renovation, for example, you would want to hire a contractor who knows the best in the business and can put it all together seamlessly. By the way, that’s the price of open-heart surgery or cancer tumor removal and radiation therapy in Guatemala. Which would be more important to you? Image

2.       How and when was the Guatemala Medical Travel started?

Years ago, I was helping my friends in Rio Dulce to find medical care here, and the level of medical skills and expertise that I found in Guatemala City was astounding.  The patients, my friends, were amazed to be treated with such respect, compassion and patience by a globally qualified medical specialist.  When several other friends started arriving here for surgeries, paying medical expenses at 60-90% less than U.S. prices, I recognized this as a tremendously valuable resource that more international patients need to know about.  I developed the concept, researched the global industry of medical tourism, then wrote and designed the website.  We went live online in November 2009.

3.       Where do your clients come from?

There is a huge level of trust involved with traveling to another country for major surgery, so it’s only natural that most clients are personal friends or former business associates who already know and trust me.  Others are savvy internet researchers who tell me that they contacted medical agents in several countries, and GMT is the only one that responds quickly and professionally.  After patients experience the care and prices we offer in Guatemala, many return for additional medical procedures, and send their friends here too.

Image4.       What makes GMT different from other medical tourism companies?

We have spent many years establishing professional relationships with the absolute best doctors in the country, and we trust them completely.  It’s like having a friend take your hand, introduce you to all the best contacts, and stay by your side throughout every procedure.  Other medical tourism companies sell surgical procedures in many different countries and know nothing about the quality of care that the physicians provide. They sell hospital services based on who pays the most for advertising placement and patient referrals. The staff of GMT lives here and works here every day, so we know Guatemalan medical providers better than anyone.

Life is easy at Roatan Yacht Club E-mail
Features - Places and Faces

New look for Roatan Yacht Club
New look for Roatan Yacht Club
Story and photos by
Terry Morris s/v Niki Wiki

Jonesy and Terry on the sailing vessel Niki Wiki (home based at Mario's Marina for the past 4 years) have enjoyed being in a slip at the Roatan Yacht Club for the past several weeks.

 As cruisers who have visited Roatan in the last few years know, the Roatan Yacht Club had fallen into disrepair. Thankfully, some new folks are making great progress towards developing the property into a lively center of activity for everyone living on, or visiting the island.

Many improvements are completed, landscaping and grounds improvements continue daily, and there are fabulous plans for the immediate future.

The Roatan Yacht Club is situated on a large piece of property with deep water access to the 19 new marina slips with electricity ($0.55 x kwh), freewater (within  reason for slip renters), and easy walking access to Eldon's Supermarket and the main road.

Jack's Harbour View Restaurant and Bar at the club has beome a favorite spot for excellent food & desserts at reasonable prices. Enjoy the great view and live music. Image

There are new dedicated dinghy docks with security and the $2.50 daily fee is waived if a purchase is made in the restaurant or bar. FYI...The nearby old "shrimp dock" where cruisers have enjoyed parking their dinghys for free recently started charging $10! 

For marina guests there are newly refurbished bathrooms and a hot water shower, a shaded "cruisers area" with free wifi, swimming pool, small sized outdoor pool table, and 10% off at the restaurant.

Doug and Quelin wed at Vista Rio E-mail
Births, Deaths, Anniversaries, Graduations, Life Changes - Life Changes
Doug and Quelin on s/v Dances with Wind tied the knot Thursday, February 6, 2014 at Hotel/Marina Vista Rio. A modest crowd of friends and family joined them for the ceremony and reception. Click on Read More to see more wedding photos.
Doug and Quelin on s/v Dances with Wind tied the knot Thursday, February 6, 2014 at Hotel/Marina Vista Rio. A modest crowd of friends and family joined them for the ceremony and reception. Click on Read More to see more wedding photos.
Amatique Bay Resort discussion Feb. 5 E-mail
The News - Latest News

New breakwater at Amatique Bay Resort
New breakwater at Amatique Bay Resort
Esvin Chacon, director of the marina and ecotourism at Amatique Bay Resort, will be at Bruno's Hotel & Marina Wednesday, Feb. 5 to provide information about the new breakwater and channel at Amatique Bay Resort.

He'll be available all morning to hand out literature and answer questions about the new entrance to Amatique Bay.

He is also offering one night free dockage for cruising boaters to come visit, starting this Thursday through April 30.

Depth of the entrance channel is now 6 to 7 feet at low tide. Dredging crews will continue to work until the depth is 8 ft. or more.

Amatique Bay Resort offers full check-in and check-out services for boats entering or leaving Guatemala. It also offers two restaurants, an amazing swimming pool with water slides and a beautiful beach.

GPS coordinates are N 15 44.47.0  W 88 34.49.4 .

For more information, contact Esvin at 4172 2104 and visit their website at www.amatiquebay.net .




Kathy Linares celebrates quinceanera E-mail
The News - Latest News

Katherine Linares quincenera
Katherine Linares quincenera
Story and photos
by Bob Meredith

All of the cruisers currently at Mario’s Marina joined the extended families and friends of Katherine Linares to help celebrate her Quince Anos. 

Kathy is the daughter of Marco and Mirna Linares who have managed Mario’s for the past eight years and she holds a special place in the hearts of the boaters who know her, regardless if they have known her for days or for years. 

She is a gracious and beautiful young woman.

Kathy’s 15th Birthday Bash was held February 1 at the Cancha de Basquetboll, Bajo el Puente de Rio Dulce and was attended by around 140 people. 

Marco, Kathy and Mirna Linares
Marco, Kathy and Mirna Linares

Kathy chose blue and white as her colors and the basketball court under the bridge was transformed into a banquet hall with table decorations of Kathy’s own design.  She also designed the gown which she wore.

Kathy and her proud parents continually smiled as they enjoyed their evening which included Kathy being presented to the attendees, a special toast, a prayer, and a featured dance. 

Marco presented his daughter with a Quince Anos ring and Mirna changed her daughter’s shoes which signifies her passage from a child to a woman.

After the more solemn ceremonies Kathy’s young cousins performed an entertaining and energetic dance and then the crowd was seated for a delicious meal followed by Kathy’s cutting of the dessert cake.

Aussie Rules preview at Vista Rio E-mail
The News - Latest News

Aussie Rules
Aussie Rules
Want to see a preview of some football action that makes rugby, US football and soccer seem a bit, well, tame?

Come by Vista Rio today (Feb. 2) at 3 p.m. when Aussie Max will show clips of Aussie Rules football games prior to the 5:30 p.m. kickoff of the Super Bowl. Free snacks will be served.

Max played Aussie Rules for several years and had his nose broken three times and quite a few teeth knocked out. 

Nope, no helmets, no pads -- and very few rules. It's probably the roughest football sport in existence.

Below is Wikepedia's description of the game:

Australian rules football, officially known as Australian football,[1] also called football, footy or Aussie rules,[2] (and in some regions marketed as AFL after the Australian Football League, the pre-eminent and fully professional Australian football league in the country),[3] is a sport played between two teams of eighteen players on the field of either an Australian football ground, a modified cricket field, or a similarly sized sports venue.

The main way to score points is by kicking the ball between the two tall goal posts. The team with the higher total score at the end of the match wins[4] unless either a draw is declared or a tie-break is used.

Super Bowl kick off 5:30 p.m. Sunday E-mail
The News - Latest News

Bronco supporters find a treasure in Morales
Bronco supporters find a treasure in Morales
Boaters know that besides the pleasure of fixing their boat in exotic locations, there are also pleasures to be had in shopping in exotic locations. 

On a recent trip to the “stall mall” which straddles the railroad tracks in beautiful downtown Morales, Michele of s/v “Reach” photographed Bob and Trish of m/s “Barnacle” admiring a sports banner which was hanging in a barber shop.

After a series of intense negotiations involving offers and counter-offers an agreement was reached between the barber and Trish and she will now have, in addition to her 1997 Super Bowl Champions Flag, this banner to wave as she cheers for her favorite team this coming Super Bowl Sunday. Trish says

Visit your favorite Rio Ducle sports bar this Sunday the 2nd and cheer on your favorite team.  Kickoff is scheduled for 5:30 pm GST (Guatemalan Standard Time). 

If you happen to see Trish and the Broncos are winning:  Well, then say hello and maybe even give her a hug. 

If they are losing and you happen to see her:  Well, then approach with caution and you should probably forget the hug.

Oh, and in fairness just in case there happens to be a stray Seahawks fan here on the Rio, she challenges you to show her your picture of how you are going to support your team. 

Just email it to   This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   

Bob Smith suffers minor stroke E-mail
The News - Latest News
Bob Smith of s/v Defiance consults with Dr. Salguero and nurse Megan of  Guatemala Medical  Travel. Bob recently suffered a minor stroke but is doing well after the quick assistance of Lori Shea of GMT who arranged for emergency care. He is now with his daughter in Tulsa, OK. He plans to return to Rio Dulce to arrange the sale of his boat and other items then return to the US to live fulltime with his daughter Kelly.
Bob Smith of s/v Defiance consults with Dr. Salguero and nurse Megan of Guatemala Medical Travel. Bob recently suffered a minor stroke but is doing well after the quick assistance of Lori Shea of GMT who arranged for emergency care. He is now with his daughter in Tulsa, OK. He plans to return to Rio Dulce to arrange the sale of his boat and other items then return to the US to live fulltime with his daughter Kelly.
Diamond Lil does the Rio Dulce E-mail
The News - Latest News

Diamond Lil
Diamond Lil
By Melanie Wood
This is the third in a series of The Captain's Log books written by Melanie Wood who along with her husband Captain John have cruised from Ontario to exotic, less traveled locations in Central/South America aboard their 38' Bayliner – m/v Diamond Lil.

What makes the adventure unusual is there are not many smaller power (non-sail) production boats going to such remote locations with some long blue water crossings thrown into the challenge.

This book provides a detailed account of their journey from Florida to Cuba and on to Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Roatan and back to Guatemala during hurricane season.

What makes this book interesting is these folks are just like you and me, and they boated on Lake Simcoe and Georgian Bay. Their Bayliner is registered in Midland, Ontario.

What makes them different is they took the plunge and they have been going to places that you would only find cruising sailboats or high end exploration trawlers like Nordhavn, Fleming, Kady-Krogen etc.

I would venture to say that you are not going to find another Canadian power boat under 50' up the Rio Dulce river in Guatemala anytime soon.

Seems almost crazy to me that such a small power boat is cruising around in such far flung places ... but humans have no bounds and yes there are plenty of people doing crazier things on the water ... like rowing across the Atlantic or paddle boarding across Georgian Bay.


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