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Editor "retires" from Chisme-Vindicator E-mail
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Roy retires as editor of the Chisme-Vindicator. From left, Jody Aston (new editor), Roy and Emy (staph survivor).
Roy retires as editor of the Chisme-Vindicator. From left, Jody Aston (new editor), Roy and Emy (staph survivor).
By Roy McNett

I’m retiring – again.

After almost 9 years of editing and publishing the Rio Dulce Chisme-Vindicator, I’ve decided to take a backseat in the editor’s executive lancha and let someone else take over the editor’s job with more energy, fresh ideas and an equally strong love and admiration for this area of paradise which is called the Rio Dulce and Lago Izabal.

That person will be our excellent photographer Jody Aston, whom you probably already know through her photographs, International Trivia Quiz which she founded and organizes each Thursday, and through her numerous charitable causes in which she participates.

And you have probably met her at the Mini Market at Bruno’s which she recently sold to her employee Sandra.

After cardiac bypass surgery a few months ago, I’ve slowed down my activity in the boating community and very rarely attend the happy hour/wisdom enhancing sessions at local marinas – and am quite content to putter around on m/v Steel Magnolia at Nutria Marina, rarely even speaking English for days/weeks at a time which I enjoy.

And I’ll be taking the Steel Magnolia to Belize in the near future for an undetermined amount of time but will be returning to the Rio before the onset of hurricane season.

The Rio Dulce Chisme-Vindicator started as sort of a lark in 2006 during a happy hour session at the Crowbar marina/hotel/restaurant (now known as Vista Rio after a few other names) with a group of boaters deciding some sort of tongue-in-cheek web page publication was “needed” to pass on relevant and often irrelevant news and features about the boating and expat community here.

But we needed a name – Rio Dulce was a given beginning of a name and Emy Bartula contributed “Chisme” meaning gossip and I (trying to add a bit of professional journalism I suppose) contributed “Vindicator”. And there we were -- and off we were running. Yeehaw!

Security Warning Issued E-mail
The News - Latest News

Security Warning Issued

Received from the U.S. Embassy, but valid for all foreigners living in Guatemala

On Saturday, April 25, 2015, a large demonstration is scheduled for the Parque Central in zona 1 to call for the resignation of the current Guatemalan administration. According to the event’s organizers, more than 29,000 people have indicated that they will attend. It has been reported that Guatemalan National Police will be on hand to act if violence occurs. 

As always, U.S. citizens should exercise caution and avoid any large gatherings, protest or demonstrations. The U.S. Embassy recommends that U.S. citizens avoid travelling near or through zona 1 this Saturday. 

See the Rio Dulce Chisme-VIndicator Forum for information on what issues led to the demonstrations. http://riodulcechisme.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?t=9874

"Pass It On" Not-for-profit at Serranch E-mail
The News - Latest News

Team Pass It On minus Mike who is behind the camera.

“Pass It On” Not-for-profit at Serranch

Story and Photographs by Julia Bartlett (unless otherwise noted)


At first it was fun. Then it was worrying.  Then the reality of our situation sunk in and it was scary.

We had loaded Mike Rhea’s four wheel drive with our donated solar panel, battery, lights, socket and wire and driven off on our good will adventure at about 7am in the morning.  We were driving 55 miles to the village of Serranch, installing a solar powered lighting system in the Health Center, and driving back.  No big deal. 

Serranch like many small communities in Guatemala is off the power grid.

The car was full with Mike and Daniel, the health technician who had identified this village as being in special need, in front. I was in the middle with Tim our electrician one side of me and Ivan our video maker the other. Tucked away in the back was Espaldo, the electrician’s assistant who was invaluable.

The first 30 odd miles ticked away no problem and then we hit the dirt road.  We bounced around laughing and chatting, no big deal.  There were power lines running alongside the road and once in a while we passed a really nice ranch house.  Mike mainly concentrated on driving.

Mike had to concentrate on the road continuously to avoid damage to the car.

Rio Dulce Beauties Celebrate Suli's Birthday E-mail
Births, Deaths, Anniversaries, Graduations, Life Changes - Birthdays

Happy Birthday Suli!

Rio Dulce beauties helped Suli celebrate her birthday at Sundog Cafe last week...while the boys waited for the cake to be cut!


Marriage of Silvia and Jim Hupe E-mail
Births, Deaths, Anniversaries, Graduations, Life Changes - Life Changes

Silvia and Jim Hupe

Silvia and Jim Hupe were united in marriage on 14 April 2015. The happy couple celebrated with friends and family at the ceremony and festivities in San Felipe.

Death of Andy Rioux E-mail
Births, Deaths, Anniversaries, Graduations, Life Changes - Deaths


Andy Rioux

Andy Rioux, long-term resident of the Rio Dulce area, passed away on April 15, 2015. His wife, Maria, says he had been suffering from a lengthy illness and liver problems. 

Andy left Canada in 1984 and sailed to Rio Dulce from Ottawa, Ontario on a Niagara 35. He was the former owner of S/V Kristiana.

In earlier years, Andy was a Navy pilot with the Canadian Navy. He proudly displayed a CDN flag and 'Navy Flier' stickers on the rear windshield of his vehicle.

Maria and Andy were married on June 1, 2001 and lived in San Felipe. Maria will continue to reside in their home.

US Embassy Visits E-mail
The News - Latest News

 by Jody Aston


UPDATE: The Town Meeting will be held at Catamaran Hotel and Marina - same date and time - April 30th at 11:00 a.m.

The U.S. Embassy will hold a Town Meeting in Rio Dulce on Thursday, April 30th at 11:00 a.m. - location to be announced at a later date. They will also conduct appointments for passport renewals in Livingston and Rio Dulce. Please see their notice below for further information.

In case you have not heard, the U.S. State Department will no longer issue additional pages for American passports after December 31, 2015. After that date, frequent travelers will be required to renew the entire passport (and pay those fees) if they need more pages. This information was verbally confirmed by the Embassy today, April 15th. If you would like more information regarding the decision, here is a link to an article on jaunted that provides a written response from the State Department :





Message for U.S. Citizens:

The U.S. Embassy is coming to you!

To provide more convenient service to U.S. citizens in Guatemala, the U.S. Embassy will be visiting...Livingston on April 29th and Rio Dulce on April 30th to accept passport renewal applications. (Note from Jody: I talked to the Embassy today and these are the new dates – if you see earlier dates, disregard them.)

Please be aware that these are the only services that will be provided on that day, and we will not be able to respond to visa questions. If you live in or near these cities and wish to take advantage of this program, you MUST make an appointment for the appropriate service, or you will NOT be attended.

Appointments can only be scheduled by calling our phone number 2326-4942 (from April 13th to April 17th only). We have a limited number of appointments, and we apologize in advance if we are unable to accept your case that day. Please review carefully the information on the specific requirements and forms on our website: http://guatemala.usembassy.gov/acs_passports_citizenship_birth.html

If you are unable to attend this event, you will generally need to travel to Guatemala City to apply for a consular service. However, based on response to this initiative, we hope to repeat this service on an annual basis.

Kim's Birthday Party E-mail
The News - Latest News

 Story and photographs by Jody Aston

Birthday Girl Kim

Friends gathered at Moko Point last week to help Kim celebrate a big birthday. We won't say what number came before the zero, but all agreed she looked at least a decade younger! Her husband, Brendan, fired up the grill and others contributed to more good food and fixings. Texan Mike and Suli's little boy, Alfredo, was the only child there to have a go at the piñata, but he whacked it with all his might. Brendan and Zee provided some music, and of course, everyone chirped along on "Happy Birthday." As it goes with life on the rio, the 'dinghy' guests arrived and departed by boat, after a good time was had by all!



Burnt Key Regatta 2015 E-mail
The News - Latest News


Following on from the success of the “Persona non Grata” cruisers regatta in 2013 and last year’s “Ides of March” regatta, Burnt Key Marina in Cayo Quemado is hosting this year’s regatta on Wednesday and Thursday, April 8-9, 2015.

All sailboats are welcome for 2 days of informal sailboat racing on Lago Golfette. In previous years we had 8 boats ranging from a 12-foot dinghy to a 50-foot cruiser, and remember, there are very few rules! The races will start around midday or when the wind arrives, whichever is first!

The Skipper’s briefing will be on Tuesday, April 7, 2015 at 3:00pm in the bar/restaurant at Burnt Key Marina. There will be live music and BBQ on Thursday, 9th April, in the amazing Palapa restaurant. Come on down!!!

Talk to Maurits or Mavis of Burnt Key Marina, 5747-9717, for more information, marina reservations etc.

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