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Guatemala Medical Travel in Rio Dulce PDF Print
It wasn’t in the plans, and you seldom considered the possibility, but now you need to find a medical specialist, and fast.  With limited resources and hundred things that could go wrong, who can you trust for the best advice? 
Lori Shea
Lori Shea

Fortunately, you have a health care advocate in Guatemala who knows just what you need. Guatemala Medical Travel has already interviewed and qualified the most reliable and highly-skilled English-speaking surgeons, physicians, dentists and caregivers in the country. 

So now you can make one phone call, gather your papers, and confirm your first appointment. 

Dr. Collia with patient
Dr. Collia with patient

Guatemala Medical Travel does all the rest.

 The GMT agency evolved over the years as Lori Shea was informally linking friends and travelers to local medical providers, then handling transportation and translations for them.

“I wouldn’t send my friends and loved ones to bad doctors”, Lori says, “So I did extensive research to locate only the best.  Together with my staff, we are now proud to represent 47 doctors and hospitals of outstanding world-class quality.”

Personal attention, one-on-one, is the goal of the GMT agents and caregivers. Consultations, labs, x-rays, diagnostics and pre-op orders are all under control – no worries, mate. After surgery, your only job is to relax and to recover. 

Checklists, deliveries and negotiations are already done for you.  The most desirable healing environment is in GMT’s own “Casa Muriel”, located in the most serene area of Antigua, Guatemala. 

Professional medical care
Professional medical care

With the fast-growing ex-pat retirement community populating the tourist centers of Guatemala, the big sellers are dental work, cosmetic surgery, ophthalmology and joint replacements. 

With prices at 60-80% less than what you might pay in Europe or North America, it’s no wonder that “Medical Tourism Advocacy” is becoming a very attractive alternative for the more well-informed patients of the world.

Excellent health facilties
Excellent health facilties

Learn more about the quality medical services offered by GMT in scheduled presentations at Bruno’s Marina on Saturday, October 22nd. Or, call to request a private consultation at Hacienda Tijax, on Friday and Sunday, October 21st and 23rd.

Call Lori, Juan or Ann at 5737-3023 or 4486-9930 .. and take care.

Visit GMT's website HERE.



You are invited to learn more about the high-quality health care available in Guatemala.
 Guatemala Medical Travel Health Care Presentation

 Bruno’s Marina * October 21-23

 The seminar will focus on:

 The extraordinary level of medical technology, substantial value and genuine care

that we offer to patients in Guatemala City and Antigua.  Several of the most highly-respected surgeons and dentists in the country will be speaking about their medical specialties, and will be available to answer your questions.  And, you will hear from many very satisfied patients from Rio Dulce who will speak to the group about their medical experience in Guatemala

 The Schedule:

Friday, 21 Oct:  Afternoon meetings, one-on-one consultations with GMT agents.

Location:  Hacienda Tijax Marina.  Call 5737-3023 0r 4045-9639 to confirm. 
Saturday, 22 Oct:Morning and afternoon presentations are scheduled at Bruno's

With GMT agents, doctors and patients.
Sunday, 23 Oct:  Afternoon meetings with clients, at Tijax until

The Topics:

Getting Started – Preparing for your consultation, with diagnostics and medical reports.

Finding the appropriate doctor in Guatemala City.

Agency Services – The success of your recovery depends on your GMT companion and advocate.

Hospital Services – Quality indicators of the Latest Technology, Nursing care, Accreditation.

Emergency Care – Getting to an ambulance, emergency room or trauma center ASAP.

Internet Exposure – Global messaging in real time through web-site contact, Facebook and blogs.

Recovery - Comfort, Hospitality, Satisfaction and Low-Impact Tourist Activities.


The Guests:

The most highly respected surgeons, doctors and dental specialists in the country.

Your friends and neighbors who have had outstanding medical experiences at unbelievable prices.

Guatemala Medical Travel’s Owner, Nurse and Agents.

 For questions, comments or confirmation,


Call Lori Shea, Juan Murillo or Ann Gonzalez

5737-3023 or 4486-9930

John displays his new teeth
John displays his new teeth

GMT represents 47 doctors and hospitals
GMT represents 47 doctors and hospitals

Ann Gonzalez
Ann Gonzalez

Juan - web site contact
Juan - web site contact



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