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Tienda Reed
Tienda Reed - Photo by Encor

Every boater eventually shops at Tienda Reed.  This is the place just past the bridge heading upriver, on your portside, home of Don Chiqui and the first, oldest store on the river.  Our favorite inscrutable owner, Chiqui, is a wealth of information, whether you need it or not.  His shop reminds one of the old-time general stores, where you could find anything from foods to hardware to paints to boat parts to outboard motors to ice to booze to camping equipment to medical supplies to propane refills to frozen meats, ice cream.....need i go on?

Don Chiqui - Photo by Brian King

If you are there in the afternoon, you will be drawn into the Sunset Bar crowd, who gather on his front deck area to solve the problems of the world and start good rumors.  Chiqui loves a good joke, make sure you have one to tell.

Something to keep in mind:   if you see something you need, or think you will need in the future, BUY IT NOW.  You may find it unavailable on your next stop, and if you ask when a new supply comes in, well...."Sorry, I don't stock that anymore, I just can't keep it on the shelf."

Chiqui has no VHF,  his phone number is 7930-5072.  He is open from 7am to 6pm, but closed on Tuesdays. Shop till you drop.

Hasta la vista, babies.

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