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Places and Faces - Clem's Consignment Store PDF Print
Clem At His Front Gate
Clem At His Front Gate

Understandably,  the river brings in so many boats every year, that some of them never quite make it out.  One of those boats belongs to Clem, an escapee from Canada (can you blame him?),  an excellent handyman who can make things work. But usually, you have to have some access to parts to make that happen.  Voila, as they say, Clem came up with the idea for a consignment shop, where boaters who want to "lighten the load" could leave those treasures from the bilge, in order to sail a bit further.


He was very innovative, going to those famous Swap Meet Saturdays and waiting until the last potential buyers were gone, then offering the sellers a good price to take away all their excess, unsold bargains.  And did it ever work.....his store is chock full of items that might,  just might be what you were looking for and couldn't find in town or at Mar Marine.  Surprisingly, he knows his inventory, it just takes a few minutes to find that part you were inquiring about.


Now, that is amazing in itself.  But you can easily find him by land or sea.  Under the bridge, between Bruno's and the Crow Bar, look for the gate reading "Adventuras Tropicales".  Ring the bell, the dog will let Clem know you are there.   If you come by water, look for the BIG catamaran Star Trek, pull in behind, and wait for his dog, Peanut, to announce your arrival.  This is very important.


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