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Alleged Owner

Rio Dulce electrician Richard (aka Enchilada, Chief, Chink), a Native American and local man-about-town, is without river transportation after his sleek and rarely reliable dinghy sank Sunday morning off the stern of the Steel Magnolia docked at Crow Bar Marina.
"Went down like a gall-dern rock," mused Crow Bar manager Roy who saw the dinghy that morning while sipping on a cup of coffee in his underwear in the Steel Magnolia's wheelhouse.

"Next time I looked, there was Dave from Rio somberly and succinctly standing on the dock looking down at a gasoline slick and a couple of plastic fuel containers bobbing on the water's surface."

The wake from a passing launcha must've splashed even more water over the dinghy's transom which was already sitting low in the water due to heavy rains that morning.
"That boat's a real sinker," Dave observed. "Told you so." Then he ambled down the dock.

True dat. This was the second time the 12 ft. craft has disappeared beneath the river's surface at the Crow Bar. And it has been reported sunk several other times at different locations on the river. The boat's foam floatation beneath seats and in the hull has been missing for years. It is rated for a maybe a 9 or 10 h.p. outboard but is powered by a recalcitrant and heavy beatup ol' 14 h.p. Evinrude since, according to Richard, "That's all I've *!@#*^ got!! And whatchew lookin' at white boy?"

Richard was notified of the sinking by the Crow Bar Marina staff and, two days later, has come by to survey the sinking scene and has launched efforts to raise the craft from the deep.
In addition to his plethora of other problems, the aluminum skiff he has been borrowing ('cause his throttle cable is bad and he doesn't have 'nuff time to fix it) for the last week from the Steel Magnolia was stolen Sunday evening from Bruno's dinghy dock while Richard was sitting 50 ft. away drinking beer and having a really intelligent conversation with rather astute local personalities and purveyors of wisdom.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that the theft was a conspiracy between Mateo and Roy to return the skiff to the safety of the Crow Bar.

The forward hull of Richard's dinghy can be seen as a ghostly fuzzy shape in about 10 feet of water just aft of the Steel Magnolia's swim platform.

The public is cordially invited to the viewing. 

Efforts to raise the hapless craft will be announced in the near future.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Richard, unfortunately, was NOT in or on his craft when the sinking occurred.

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