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"Gringo Bay", you say.....thinking perhaps that it is populated by a bunch of "us".   And where the heck is it?  And why go there?

Rio Dulce Map from Google Earth
Rio Dulce Map from Google Earth

(Larger View of Map)

Other than the fact you are cruising and exploring Guatemala, as a newcomer, you'll find a safe anchorage to break up the trip from Livingston.  You will most likely see several other boats there, some being stored while their owners are off tripping, others who are just chillin' from the rigors of Fronteras, and have discovered The Accidental Restaurant.  

Jennifer of Gringo Bay
Jennifer of Gringo Bay

Jennifer, the multi-tasking-mama of Gringo Bay, sailed into the area almost 20 years ago, and has made herself a paradise, the hard way.  Her home reflects the artistic talent that makes this a fascinating stop.  Got an idea for something original and special for your  yacht's interior?  She can do it, whether it is cabinet doors, wall hangings, or personal items like hats, passport covers, snakeskin hatbands, and more exotic treasures.   Need a flag for the next country on your trip?  You've come to the right place.  How about some fresh or freshly smoked fish?  Yep, she has that as well.  And if you can't decide right away, she is generally at the Mario's Marina Swap Meet every Saturday, taking special orders and delivering the finished products.

But wait, that is only the beginning......need to stretch your legs?  With a little whining (not), Jennifer will graciously show you her grounds, and share her wealth of knowledge about local plants, animals, lobster farming, local traditions on how to make all this work in a remote, third world situation.  If asked, she may also tell you about the local school project that she helps with,  making it possible for the  children in her neighborhood  to have a basic education.

As previously noted in the Forum,  the entry is  at  N15°45'16"   W88°50'32",  then head for the red roof.  Fun directions, yes?  Or, to help clarify,  it's about half-way between Livingston and the  bridge. On a map, the area is officially known as Cayo Quemado.  Available only by water,  this is a GOOD thing.

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