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Boater, daughter attacked by pirates PDF Print

Milan Egrmajer
Milan Egrmajer
Canadian boater Milan Egrmajer, 58, of s/v Adena was reported killed by pirates off the Honduran coast around 9:30 p.m.last night (Friday, Dec.3).

He and his daughter Myda, 24, were headed from Rio Dulce to the Bay Islands then on to Panama.

The attack was reported to have occured in Laguna El Diamante, Rio Tinto off the coast of Tela, Honduras.

La Prensa online publication of Honduras reported that bad weather forced them to seek refuge in Laguna El Diamante near where a previous attack occured last week (read that article about Puerto Escondido Here ).. Read the La Prensa article Here.

After her father was killed by the pirates, Myda radioed for help and was eventually picked up by a passing yacht from Australia and was taken to Belize where she has been in contact with Canadian authorities.

More info can be found at the Canadian online publication The Star Here and CNews Here .

La Prensa reported that Egrmajer's body has now been recovered from his boat. Honduran police investigators report that the body suffered four bullet wounds.

Myda and Milan
Myda and Milan

Boaters planning to cruise toward the Bay Islands of Honduras are warned to avoid the areas of Puerto Escondido and Laguna El Diamante.

Milan was a quiet spoken, very affable man who was popular and well regarded by the boating and resident community here. Myda joined her father here several weeks ago and was very excited and happy to go cruising with him to Panama.

A Celebration of Life is being planned for Milan at Xalaja in the next couple of weeks.

More details will be published as they become available.


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