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Rio Dulce mourns Richard Briggs PDF Print

Richard Briggs
Richard Briggs
Rio Dulce and Cayo Quemado mourn the passing of Richard Briggs of s/v La Vida Feliz, who died Monday, Nov. 22 at his residence in Cayo Quemado.

Surviving are his wife, Angelita, and his adopted children.

Interment was Wednesday, Nov. 24 at the Cayo Quemado cemetery.

Richard was notable in the Rio Dulce by his penchant for displaying bright yellow "happy faces" on his boat, his outboard motor and many, many "happy face" stickers which he would place all around town.

Some notes about Richard:

-- In younger years, he worked as a rodeo rider in the summer and a ski instructor in the winter.

-- He earned a World Record at age 40 in 1984 for continuous waterskiing of 240-miles

-- He was Official Time Keeper at Bonneville Flats in early 1980's during Richard Nobel's land speed record attempts with Thrust 2 (a record held till 1991).

Having fun in a dinghy race
Having fun in a dinghy race .. note the yellow Happy Face outboard

-- He worked in the National Park Service for many years.

-- He was called to serve as a guard at the Pentagon following 9/11/2001.

-- Richard came here five years ago and fell in love with Guatemala, living on s/v La Vida Feliz and s/v La Vida Feliz II before buying property in Cayo Quemado and establishing himself in the local community.

-- He was active in establishing the school at Cayo Quemado.

-- He married his love, Angelita, in December of last year, and showed great affection for her three children, welcoming them all into his life.

-- He was recently accepted to become a member of the Royal Victoria Yacht Club, founded in 1855 by Queen Victoria of England.

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