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As noted earlier in the Forum, Suzanna's Laguna has been sold.  The new owners, Garon and Heidy Anderson, have big plans for remodeling/renovating/expanding the business. 

Laj Joya del Rio
Former Suzanna's Laguna Undergoes Renovation
Several years ago, when Garon  came to visit the former owner, Jerry Brockman  (now deceased) ,   he fell in love with Guatemala.  So much so, that he is building a home in Los Amates, met and married his wife Heidy, bought a cattle ranch, and now has really invested in his adopted country with the purchase of the marina.  So he didn't just do this blindly.  He has a vision.


Believing that this is the best hurricane hole in the northwest Caribbean, no reason why such a unique location shouldn't be a good thing.  Garon recognizes how much is involved, and has years of construction experience to make the job happen.  He was observed recently putting in new pilings of his own design, and leveraging the floor back to level.  This is NOT an easy, overnight quick fix, but his ideas for  the future are  wonderfully optimistic.  All new wiring, properly done, redoing docks, restaurant/bar, etc. will keep him busy for quite a while.  His goal is to be open for business by Semana Santa (Easter week)

Garon Anderson
Garon Anderson
Garon acknowledges this is a costly endeavor, but also claims he'd be rich if he hadn't spent all his money on lots and houses.  Before he could be misunderstood, he added, "That's LOTS of whiskey and whoreHOUSES." 

He has named it LA JOYA DEL RIO, and the Gringo Restaurant will feature tender Angus beef from his own ranch.  He's doing some good stuff here, and the Chisme Vindicator will keep you advised on the progress.   The bar and restaurant are not open at present, but dockage is available while construction is going on, as well as bungalows for rent, if you want to get off your boat.

Good luck, Garon and Heidy, with your Jewel of the River.

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