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Passagemakers on the Rio PDF Print

A trio of passagemakers -- photo by Louise Visagie.

A bit of history was recorded this past weekend when three ocean-crossing passagemakers lined up for a photo shoot under the bridge on the Rio Dulce.

Famed naval architect Robert Beebe built, designed or inspired all three vessels and his designs had and continue to have tremendous influence on such trawler designs as Nordhavn, Kadey-Krogen, Diesel Duck and many others.

On the right is Beebe’s historic wooden Passagemaker (1963) which he featured in his book “Voyaging Under Power”. In the middle is Steel Magnolia (1980), a custom Beebe designed steel passagemaker.Note that these two boats were designed to carry auxilliary sails.They are not "motorsailers" but passagemakers, as defined by Beebe.

At left is Downtime (2003), a Beebe inspired Nordhavn.

All three boats are 50 ft. in length, carry in excess of 1,000 gallons of diesel and all are easily capable of safely and comfortably crossing the Atlantic under power alone.  

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