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Subject: Voyage to Mexico... Part one
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2006 21:05:01 -0500

But the funny thing is... here we are three weeks later and hundreds of miles away in Honduras. It went like this...

We set out down the Intra-coastal Waterway in Florida in early December. Cold but pleasant, slow going. Much of the waterway is pristine protected wildlife preserve; more of it is concrete seawalls beside high-rise condos; and mostly it's a garish display of ostentatious houses the size of concert halls! By Miami, we had had enough and finally headed for open ocean around Key Biscayne.

Street Performers in Cuba
Street Performers in Havana, Cuba
Just about 48 hours later we arrived at Marina Hemingway in Havana. Not at all like our visit four years ago - 20% capacity at the docks, fewer services, higher prices, disgruntled visitors. Evidently, the Bush regime is not content with restricting the travel of Americans, so now they are hassling Canadians visiting there, too. Fidel countered: We can't spend USD$ anymore - they are changed to Cuban pesos minus 20% to the government. Tourism is Cuba's largest industry and this is not a good idea. Moreover, Bush's campaign to further impoverish working class Americans by restricting monetary assistance has been so successful that he's carrying it over to Cuba too. American workers with family in Cuba cannot send money or gifts at any time except one two week visit every three years. Does anyone ever expect to win this ridiculous game?

But, we had a great time New Year's Eve - dinner in the home of our new friends in a little fishing village near the marina. All doors and windows open, blaring music, hundreds of people in the street and visiting, singing and laughing. Just the sort of thing that would have the cops come running in America. What fun!

After Havana, we had the proverbial "smooth sailing" through the Cayos to the west end of the island. Casey dragged a line and hook behind us a quickly caught a large dorado. He took off the head with a saw, cut a few steaks and two nice filets. I had them poaching in lemon butter in five minutes. Wow - "You Tarzan, me Jane". We planned on a calm trip only 140 miles over to Mexico, but then a nasty cold front blew in from the North and plans changed....

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