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The Rio Dulce boating community is asked to participate in a food, water and clothing drive for victims of the recent flooding in the Morales and Los Amates areas in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Agatha.

Agatha caused Rio Montagua to overflow its banks and caused widespread flooding and destruction of homes in the area 30 minutes away from the Rio Dulce.

Volunteers are not asking for money donations but for food (rice and beans), water and clothing.

 Rebecca Nicholls of Catamaran said the Rio Dulce lancheros have spearheaded a donation drive which Monday sent one truck filled with food, water and clothes.

Another truck will be leaving tomorrow at 8 a.m. from Farmacia Lux (next door to Litegua -- where you can purchase tickets for Linea Dorada heading to Guatemala City and Flores).

Rodger Hanks advised there is a spring by the highway to Morales at the top of the hill just past the old Texaco station which has very good water. He said it used to be the only option for good drinking water in the old days for cruisers.. All you need are containers and transportation.

For more information, contact Bec at  4414 6174 or the lancheros at 5056 7262 (Spanish) or drop donations off at Farmacia Lux.

Food, water and clothing donations can also be dropped off at Mario's Marina, Bruno's Marina, Tortugal, Hotel Vista Rio or with Roy or Jane on m/v Steel Magnolia at Nutria Marina. They can be reached at 5368 2331 or VHF Channel 68.

Guatemala has been declared a disaster area by President Colom due to the eruption of Volcano Pacaya and the destruction of Tropical Storm Agatha.

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