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Once upon a time, a sailor found the Rio Dulce and fell in love...  with the rio, as well as the people.  This particular sailor, let's call him Jeff, met and married a local woman with a couple of small children. (hey, it happens)   Having been in the construction business back in the States, it was only natural that Jeff started a new project here.  In the village of San Felipe, not too far from the Fort, he built a nice bed and breakfast, Rancho Escondido, which was only the beginning.  Wasn't long until he sold it, and made a new one across the road.  The only problem with these first two businesses was they were just a bit remote for the boater trade.

No problema, as we say here.  He found a small place in Fronteras with water and land access, and made the first Crow Bar.  It was an almost instant success, and so, he sold it. Yep, and started another one, same game plan.  This continues, with minor interruptions, ( like having a son, wrecking his bike and almost dying, etc.) until now, number seven in this ongoing list,  has just opened.

Jeff and Priscila Boone are now at the Crows Nest.  Again, a good location on the waterfront just behind Barry's Marine and across the road from Rio Bravo Pizza. There is a dinghy dock, or you can just walk down from the main street.  This easy access will most likely guarantee an interesting mix of clients.  In his past endeavors, Jeff has always had THE coldest beer in town.  We expect no less at this new place.  They also offer good burgers and hot dogs, which feature homemade sauerkraut.  

When you're there, look around, you might just find some boat item that you've been needing.  He has a mixed collection of oddities, but not like Clem.  We'll tell you about Clem next time.  Until then, hasta la vista, baby.

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