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The 8 Deadly Sins of Retirement According to Mots PDF Print
Mouth of the South
1. Thinking or saying "I am too old to___________."

Obviously, you're always too old for some things (playing dolls, mud pies, dating 16 year olds), but you know we are talking about defeatism here.

2. Constantly talking about ailments.

Oh yes, and Amen to that. No surgery or ache but my own are interesting! Let's have a Whistle Stop Happy Hour, carry a whistle and  blow TWEET when the topic of age, health or weight comes up. These are the three most boring topics that people over 50 discuss.

3. Finding excuses to postpone something.

Procrastination. Some of us had this problem from a very young age. Jobs may have kept it in check.

4. Holding grudges.

That will not only shorten your days, but make everyone else's seem longer if you talk about who did you wrong when.

5. Becoming intransigent.

Clinging to values and beliefs and refusing to consider another viewpoint. Yes!   I have friends who have never considered the possibility that there is another way.

6. Feeling a false sense of entitlement.

Don't be rude. Turn off your cell phone and don't talk loudly in restaurants/bars. Also, you aren't the only dinghy at the dock.

7. Becoming focused totally on the grandchildren.

Are you the only person allowed to babysit? They are taking over your best years. We don't get do-overs.

8. Dropping out from participating in making a contribution of time, energy, and brainpower to civic and religious organizations.

"I've put in my time. Let somebody else do it now."
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