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U.S. merchandise at Gaby's Bazar PDF Print

Gaby's Bazar -- in BanRural mall
Looking for 3 gallon Ziploc bags?

 How about sliced dill pickles in a jar? Brown padded mailing envelopes? Big clear plastic zipper bags that are great for protecting a laptop computer or other electronic items (just Q5 each).

 Real Croc shoes for only Q50 (same price for all sizes and colors).

 Poster board, ring binders, DVDs, CDs, USB extension ports, office hole punches, insulated mugs, a variety of Campbell soups, oven cleaner, Windex or large boxes of Lipton Tea?

A variety of cosmetics, hand and body lotions and creams?

Johanna and Jose -- para sevirle!

 Then perhaps you should explore the shelves at Gaby’s Bazar, located next to Quirilab (and a few doors from Mario's Internet Cafe) in the mall to the left of BanRural. (The mall is locally known as Comerciales Don Diego).

Managers Jose Calderon and Johanna Urzua have somehow located a source for an amazing variety of U.S. brand merchandise that isn’t seen on the shelves of any other stores in the Rio Dulce.

Jose speaks excellent English and will do his best to help you find items not commonly supposed to be available in this area.

Check back often. Their stock changes daily.

 But check often since Gaby’s Bazar gets new shipments daily and their stock is ever changing.

 Who knows what wonderful surprises you’ll find!

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