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Letter Fourteen
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capt'n fear-of-rain-man,

this story of the darker side of paradise is for YOU because you've lived in paradise before and you know there's no such thing as "it's all good all the time."

jean paul got back from montreal just as i was rinsing off the last bit of soap from the deck of his boat. i washed clothes and sheets the day before and did a good cleanup of the interior and exterior for JP's return. it was time for me to deliver my beautiful luxury home back to it's true owner and move ashore or onto another boat. i had been offered accommodations on another boat (the "death boat" - so called because two people who lived on it had died in the past year) and in turn i offered to clean up the interior. in talking with JP about this he turned up his nose and asked if i knew the history of this boat. i said, "yes," and he says that hard-luck-patty had been dead at least three days before she was found on the boat... "in canada, if they have a death on a boat or a car where the body is not found for that long, they don't even bother trying to disinfect or clean it... they just burn it," he said, "and this is the tropics! so it's worse."

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i took this into account but i had been assured the boat had been disinfected and cleaned after patty's demise and the only cleaning needed was from tropical mold beginning to grow on the walls just from not being ventilated and cleaned often enough over the past couple of months... no problem!

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