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Medical tourism growing PDF Print

Lori Shea consults with Dr. Enrique Rossel
By encor
Unless you have had your head buried in the sand, you must know how things are looking in the good old U.S. of A., regarding health care.  

Not a lot of good news at this point, and for that reason, you or someone you love may be looking elsewhere for solutions to your medical issues.

If you've visited the Rio Dulce, or elsewhere in
Guatemala, you are probably aware of the good doctors and facilities that are available. 

Hopefully, you haven't had an emergency to bring that fact home, but do you know that there is now a great reason to travel here, to Guatemala, to have certain procedures done that aren't affordable in the states?  


No, really, this is something many people aren't aware of, that medical tourism, though a fairly new industry,  has grown at a tremendous rate in this century.

Twenty years ago, for example, Americans were traveling to Mexico for chelation therapy, which had not been approved in the states.  So, really, it's not unheard of to go looking to other countries for the care you need.

Whether your quest is for diagnostic scans, cosmetic surgery, cardiovascular, dental, dermatology or some other procedure,
Guatemala is emerging as a leader in affordable options.  Our medical professionals here offer world-class health care with compassion, patience and respect, at fair, globally competitive prices. 

Lori Shea
We are fortunate to have a professional to turn to who has the skills and experence in both hospitality and business to ensure successful treatment and recovery

Lori Shea,  a former boater, now living in La Antigua, is the owner of Guatemala Medical Travel. 

Her web site is at: www.guatemalamedicaltravel.com

She is available to assist patients from other countries who are seeking a more cost effective solution to their medical needs.   This writer has personally known Lori for about 5 years, and yep, this lady has what it takes to make anyone feel comfortable in a strange country. 

Penny Smith
After meeting her stateside associate Penny Smith, last fall in La Antigua, it seems a good bet that this team can fill a need in this booming industry.   As a marketing agent for the doctors, Lori ascertains every detail of their history, experience and abilities honestly and accurately.

As an advocate for the patient, she helps you determine which doctor is best suited to your needs, negotiates the best price and secures appointments at the most convenient time.
Looks like we have a winner here.

Operating room

Guatemala Medical Travel will book reservations for its clients at only the most desirable hotels in beautiful, colonial Antigua Guatemala, or in the safe tourist centers of Guatemala City, or by the tranquil mineral spring spas of lovely Lake Amatitlan. 

"Our preferred lodgings are chosen based on the results of a checklist of quality indicators developed with your comfort and recovery in mind" Lori said.

"Most of our patients and clients will prefer to spend their recuperative days in a more serene home-like setting at Guatemala Medical Travel’s own “Casa Nueva”, a fully staffed and equipped private home just outside of Antigua Guatemala" she added. "A private bedroom and bathroom at Casa Nueva will generally cost about half the rate of a conventional hotel room."

And, she notes, "Depending on your type of surgery, you may be able to continue your travels in anywhere from three days to one month.  During that time, we will remain at your service and continue to follow up even after you have returned home."

When time allows, Lori still likes to get out on the water, and pays close attention to the free public library she started in Cayo Quemado (aka Gringo Bay).  

Contact information is on their website, and they are happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Good luck with this new venture, it's nice to know someone doing something that might make the difference when your health is on the line.

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