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Thu, Jan 25th, @5:30pm (Event) Int'l Pub Trivia!
Fri, Jan 26th, @5:30am (Event) Movie at Tortugal
Sat, Jan 27th, @6:30am (Event) Movie at Mar Marine
Sun, Jan 28th (Birthday) Bill of La Peña de Sol
Tuesday, 23 January 2018
RAM Chain
Rio Dulce Surveyors
Maya Paradise ad


Brunos Hotel and Marina - saloon, bar, restaurant, pool

running the bar


Rio Dulce Forum, 1 kB
Reasons I Like Being Here PDF Print
  • Seeing the mountains every day. And not seeing the mountains when the clouds cover them, called a 'cloud forest.'
  • No junk mail (because there is virtually no mail period).
  • No telephone solicitations (partly because no one wants to waste their minutes of cell phone time).
  • No cold weather (although there are a few days each year that feel cold even though it might still be in the 60's)

Mussaenda philippica 'Aurorae' blooms year round
Mussaenda philippica 'Aurorae' blooms year round

  • Seeing flowers blooming every day.
  • No $100 visits to the doctor plus $100 blood tests plus $100 x-rays to have the doctor write a prescription for a drug that you knew you needed before you went to the doctor.
  • Having anyone you see greet you with a smile, and "buenas dias", whether you know them or not.
  • Things can be economically repaired here rather than thrown away (kitchen appliances, TVs, shoes, clothes, cars, books, etc.).
  • As a boater, no marine police telling you you can't anchor "here", or asking where your running lights and life jackets are for your dinghy.
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