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Yukatan Jack,

What did you do today?


señor guitarra-

YUC! YUC! it's YUCatán!

my day went something like this...

when i wake up it's raining... so i roll over and think... ummm... what a nice sound... and i go back to sleep for a couple of hours - i'm the king of heaven... i can do that if i want... and it's MONDAY!! HAHAHAHAHA!!

then i get up extremely rested and refreshed and go to work. i get on google and type... "unclogging marine toilets". i find out that white vinegar and baking soda is just what i need. when i told them i broke their toilet, john paul (owner of the boat) said to his wife danyelle, "tell him he eats TOO MUCH CHEESE."

i walk to the showers at bruno's marina and wash my buns, brush my teefies, shave my whiskies and  comb my hairs. i get back on the boat... (i washed it yesterday, inside and out... and i washed all my clothes by hand in a big 30 gallon plastic bucket on the deck) my t-shirts were still a little damp when the sun went down so i finished drying them inside the cabin in front of the fan (yes... i have some FANS down here). roy and i went to buy one on saturday. when we walked back into the crow bar, roy was behind me carrying the fan on his shoulder and emy hollers at me, "HEY POLVO! i see you've got your fan club following you around again."

she's witty.

next i get on youtube.com and type... "how to fold a shirt in 2 seconds". (link to video)

i fold 5 shirts in 10 seconds. yeeee haaaaw! wish i had more shirts!!!

time to go shopping for white vinegar and baking soda... first i log on to bablefish translator... vinegar is "vinagre"... baking soda is "bicarbonato de sosa"... okay, now i'm ready to shop.

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