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patricia c. trinchero writes:
Your updates are great!!! What a life you have!

patty america-

way beyond my wildest dreams... i think i hit the freaking jackpot.

when i walked back down to the boat after the gunfire and fireworks on new year's eve... one of the guards comes up to me (there are armed guards at the marina i'm living in) and he gives me one of the most genuine, loving, hugs i've ever had from another man. his machine gun is like... pressing coldly into my stomach, while he hugs me, and he says, "feliz año nuevo."

i'm sorta blown away... it seems strange... and i'm thinking, "is that an AK-47 that's pressing up against me or is he just glad to see me?" and then i remember... he's one of the guards that i took some sandwiches to a few nights earlier when i was up late and drinking rum... i just thought the dudes might appreciate a 3 AM snack. evidently they DID appreciate it and this guy remembered me. men don't hesitate to show affection down here.

life in central america is shorter... but it's a lot wider.


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