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Sun, Jan 28th (Birthday) Bill of La Peña de Sol
Tuesday, 23 January 2018
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Brunos Hotel and Marina - saloon, bar, restaurant, pool

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letter to my daughter 


mike and sherrie came by the crow bar between christmas and new year's. they were picking up supplies in town for their new year's party at "texan bay marina". they were excited. mike said, "we just got back from a rodeo!"

they ran into some locals who invited them to come watch the caballeros participate in a rodeo. they took some pictures, shared them with me and described how the caballeros lasso the cows "team roper" style targeting the head and the hind legs. then the cow is wrestled to the ground, a cowboy hops on and they let her back up (there were no bulls in this rodeo).

"once she takes off with the cowboy on her back she bucks like a mad woman and they don't need no flank strap to make her kick. when she throws the rider off she chases him around the corral and tries to kill him. it's a lot like when i try to ride sherrie," cackled mike.

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