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Comercial W&L now offers Klass paint PDF Print

Klass marine and auto paints now at W&L Comercial
Lorena de Ubico of W&L Comercial here in Fronteras now offers a full line of Klass  paint products for marine and automotive uses.

Klass is available as a two part polyurethane or epoxy. W&L Comercial can custom mix colors to match customer's requirements.

W&L Comercial now stocks a full supply of sandpaper, sanding disks as well as fiberlass cloth and resin, air compressors, power tools and hardware.

Lorena de Ubico with a customer

Exterior grade plywood on the Rio Dulce?

Yep, it's true. Until now, boaters seeking exterior plywood would have to travel to La Ceiba, Honduras and, fingers crossed, the lumberyard there might have some in stock.

Otherwise, they'd have to just settle for some of the local interior grade stuff which, unless immediately coated with epoxy, would soon take on the characteristics of soggy cardboard.

W&L Comercial also stocks a good grade of exterior plywood in 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 inch thickness.

 Local carpenter Rodger (RaJa) Hanks, being somewhat of a skeptic, bought a couple of sheets and cut the corners off to see if the glue was actually waterproof. He tossed the corners into a pot of boiling water, let it "cook" for a few hours then let it dry for a day or so.

"It didn't delaminate or anything," he noted. "Good stuff".

Ice chests and wine also available!

However, Rodger cautions, this is not true marine plywood. "You can't find that anywhere that I know of in Central America."

But it is made with resorcinol glue which is impervious to fresh or salt water. "Just be sure to inspect each sheet carefully, looking along the edges for any openings or separations in the laminate," he advises.

In addition to plywood, Lorena now has a good selection of yellow and white pine stacked in their warehouse in various thicknesses and widths.

To find Comercial W&L, just walk past the intersection of the road to San Felipe for a couple of blocks. It's located across the street from BanRural -- on the right hand side of the road in the large shopping center where Rosita's Restaurant, Pez Vela Marine Services, and Abel's paint store are located.

A full line of spray paints in stock

Lorena notes that she has recently received shipment of many new items for the store and now offers: 

-       Marine plywood
-       Fiberglass resin, catalyst and cloth
-       Gel coat
-      Varnish
-      Anti-corrosive paint
-       Acetone
-       Thinner
-       Duct tape
-       Masking tape
-       Hardware for cabinets
-       Glue
-       Inexpensive brushes
-       Paint respirators
-      Saber saws
-       Plumbing supplies
-       Sanding disks
-       Water sealer
-      And .. she can mix paint in over 2,000 colors.

Exterior grade plywood in stock

Willie and Lorena have been married 15 years and have 3 daughters -- Massiel, Lisa and Giuliana.

Lorena was born in Puerto Barrios and Willie is originally from Guatemala City.

She can be reached at 5190 7733.

W&L Comercial offers a wide variety of precut lumber

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