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Rio Community Loses Good Neighbor PDF Print

Sandy Collins
Sandy Collins
The river community is mourning the loss of a good friend and neighbor, Sandy Collins. This past Friday night, Curtis came on the VHF asking if anyone had seen his wife, Sandy recently. They are building a place in Cayo Quemado, and she had come in with their big tibo (launcha) to get more supplies. She was seen leaving Chiqui's dock, loaded down with lumber, roofing, paint, etc. at about 3:30 - 4 PM. Understandably, lots of boats went searching .  

As of net time Saturday morning, the boat had been found, sunk, with throttle wide open in gear. Volunteer divers kept looking and recovered her body later that morning.  Autopsy results show death by drowning.  

Sandy is remembered by all who knew her as a frontier/pioneer type woman with an attitude that she could make anything happen. Her dream was being created, she was living the life she loved, and it showed in everything she did. She had a great love for animals, gardening, and creating something special and beautiful with the help of her husband, Curtis.

She will be missed by all who were lucky enough to have known her. Her neighbors in Punta Dario, Cayo Quemado, are holding a memorial celebration of her life on Tuesday afternoon, at the place they were building.  Curtis will be returning with her body to the states, for services there with family members.

Sandy in the Lancha
Sandy in the Lancha
Editor's note: Curtis sent us a correction by email, a thank you and a warning to all of us who might be considering a long trip on the Rio in rough windy conditions or after dark:

"Just one minor factual correction: I did not broadcast the "all stations" re: Sandy being past due. I called Russ at Tortugal and asked him to broadcast from there since I was in Cayo Quemado. (Being the great guy that he is he not only did that, but also went out and joined the search late into the night for her.)

Also, I would like to use this notice to encourage people to be more safety conscious when running the Golfete.  I called Sandy at 4 PM that day to suggest that running the Golfete might not be a good idea today. It was late in the day and the winds were really picking up. Being a "frontier/pioneer type woman" she of course did not take my advice. Sandy died because she made a bad decision -- her tragic loss can have a positive effect if it makes even one person think twice about doing the same thing.

I would also like to use this article to express my deep gratitude to the village of Cayo Quemado, Mike & Sherrie Payne, Russ & Janet Cook and our many other friends here on the Rio. The assistance they provided during the search for Sandy and the support they have provided following her death has been absolutely overwhelming."
~Curtis Collins

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