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Tue, Feb 20th (Birthday) Jean-Marie on 7 Jour
Thu, Feb 22nd, @5:30pm (Event) Int'l Pub Trivia!
Fri, Feb 23rd (Birthday) Willie on s/v Lorelei
Fri, Feb 23rd, @5:30am (Event) Movie at Tortugal
Tuesday, 20 February 2018
RAM Chain
Rio Dulce Surveyors
Maya Paradise ad


Brunos Hotel and Marina - saloon, bar, restaurant, pool

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Rio Dulce Chisme Vindicator Online News!

Chisme Vindicator is the online newspaper for the beautiful Rio Dulce in Izabal, Guatemala.

Focusing on the events and happenings on the Rio Dulce, Chisme Vindicator is a resource for the resident cruising community, visitors, tourists and the former and future "river rats" who want to check in on the latest news. In addition to our regularly updated local news and feature stories we also provide a current business telephone directory and weblinks to Rio Dulce marinas, restaurants, bars, hotels, boatyards, boat and property sales, etc.

On our website you may opt to register for notification of news updates or even contribute your Rio Dulce-related weblinks to our growing collection of resources.

Be sure to visit the fully interactive Chisme Vindicator Forum where you can write your own stories in the "Editorial" section, buy and sell  goods in the "Want Ads," ask questions of others or share information in the "Rio Dulce Forum," view and post photos in the "Photo(s) of the day, or simply chat with other readers and friends in "The Pub" about anything else that streaks across your mind. Make sure you drop by and take a look at all the stimulating topics on our Forum.

The original Chisme Vindicator Staff was a conglomeration of boaters on the Rio Dulce who most likely had too much time on their hands and decided to have some fun by presenting an online news magazine, chock full of entertaining information and plenty of plausibly worthless stuff.The founding editor, Roy McNett/Scoop/Grumpy Ol' Editor, retired in April of 2015. At the same time, webmaster Dusty/el polvo semi-retired from the Chisme, although he is graciously hanging on to administration of the Forum until it crashes! The webmistress, Diana/Avian passed away the month before. If you knew her, you will understand when we say, "May she NEST in peace."  

The last remaining original Chisme staff member, and originator of the much-preferred term, "staph" is Emy, also known as the 'crone.'

Editor - Publisher & Photographer, known locally as La Feliz Gringa -- Jody Aston, Cell: (502) 5042-2260

Contributing Editor  & Crone Magnon -- Emy/encor

Webmaster & Self-taught Administrative Fool Furcryenoutloud -- El Polvo

Retired Editor - Publisher Emeritus -- now (affectionately) called the Floundering Founder -- Roy McNett (Scoop) Cell: 4943-9132.  When the Grumpy Ol' Editor retired, we retired his email address along with him, so you can still reach Roy at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Contact us at:  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Visit our Forum and post an instant letter to the editor or response at: http://riodulcechisme.com/bbs/

Thanks for visiting. We hope you'll come back again and again and help us build the Chisme Vindicator into the information and communications hub of the Rio Dulce.

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