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There once was an editor named Jody      Image

Who loved writing news for the Boaties.

But, again, she broke her arm

And third time’s no charm,

So, chance for writing was remote-y!

September 21, 2017
By Jody Aston, Editor and Publisher

I prefer the “fly-on-the-wall” style of reporting and don’t like to make the story about me, but I do feel the need to explain why the Rio Dulce Chisme’s front page has gone bare for way too long! When I visited the U.S. last month, I obviously had an infection in my arm and went to a Patient First doctor, who sent me to a hospital emergency room, whose doctor referred me to an orthopedic surgeon. Whew! Turned out that it was, indeed, infected, but had also shifted and the bones had broken apart again. All agreed that it was the crummy state of my bones, and was caused through no fault of my own, nor the work of my Guatemalan doc. Although it was bum news, it was rather reassuring to have second and third opinions saying that my doctor in Guatemala City had used advanced medical procedures and done an excellent job! Yay for Dr. Raúl Hodelin!! Back home in Guatemala, I’ve gotten it all taken care of…again! So, sorry for the absence of news, especially while there’s been so much of it! P.S. Maybe you would like to join the Chisme “Staph!”

First, let me extend heartfelt condolences to those in true pain…of mind, heart and body, due to the phenomenal degree of natural disasters around the world. Cruisers in Rio Dulce have enjoyed the people and diverse cultures of the islands of the Caribbean, on up to the islands and coastlines of the United States. The extent of loss and damage in these areas from recent hurricanes is unfathomable. Of course, not only are residents and indigenous people suffering, but the cruising community is also adversely affected. Through the Rio Dulce Chisme Forum and other social media, Rio Dulce cruisers are reporting the status and whereabouts of themselves and their vessels. Hearing from you is a great relief, so please keep it up.

On top of that, and with no advance notice, Mexico has been hit with two major earthquakes in two weeks. While the first was a higher magnitude (and closer to Guatemala), it affected a less-populated area than the second, which was a direct hit on Mexico City. Our hearts break for our neighbors across Guatemala’s western border.

News organizations and social media are covering these events (and also the wildfires raging across western USA). Along with sad tales and horrifying videos, heartwarming stories are surfacing of compassion and goodwill being extended to loved ones and strangers, alike. This is the best kind of news, and we hope to hear more of it. Much love to all and, as they say in Mexico, “Vaya con Diós.”

There are lots of good things happening on the rio now, so those stories come next!

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