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Rio Amigas, Nancy, Susan, Gail, and Jody, Met for a Girl's Night at the Movies a Few Months Ago.
July 22, 1017
by Jody Aston, Editor and Publisher

So, maybe you have a doctor's appointment, or you're catching a plane the next morning...ever feel like you don't know what to do or where to go while you're in Guatemala City? Here's a fun suggestion: go to the movies!

Most cruisers stay in zona 10 when in the city, and there is a very snazzy cinema right there. In fact, it is within walking distance of two "Rio Dulcer" favorites, Angie's Guesthouse or Las Torres. Located in the Oakland Mall, it's an especially nice way to spend a rainy day...and we do have a few of those this time of year! 

The cinema is called Cinépolis and, not only do they have several screens, they have a special theatre called the VIP Lounge. Here you'll find big, cushy seats that are actually lounge chairs, with feet props that fold out. The seats are coupled together with a small table and lamp between the pairs, with a swivel tray.

"What is that for?" you might ask. Well this accomodates the best feature of all...you can order food and drinks (plain or alcoholic) and have them delivered to you at your seat. The food is good, and covers a wide range of tastes. There's even sushi.  (Click "Read more..." for continuation of story and more photos/map.)



You will feel like you are back home in an English-speaking country, as most all the films are in English, with Spanish subtitiles. If you go to the website, or when you get to the cinema, look for movies that are listed as DIG SUB (digital subtitles) -- that tells you it is spoken in English. The trailers on the website may be in Spanish, but as long as the film is listed as DIG SUB, it will be in English, regardless.

Often the films are 3D, and sometimes even 4D, which is not to everyone's liking, as it feels a bit like you are in an earthquake because the seat rumbles and rolls and special effects (puffs of air, etc.) shoot out of tiny holes on the back of the seat. Still, even that is amusing to try at least once.

If you go at night, you probably will prefer to catch a taxi back to your hotel. No problema. There is always a man out in front of the mall with a walkie-talkie, who will call one of the many cabs from across the street to come over and pick you up.

The VIP Lounge costs a little more than the regular theatres, but is well worth treating yourself. It's quite fun to watch James Bond while having a martini - shaken, not stirred, of course.

Webpage for the VIP Lounge:  http://www.cinepolis.com.gt/cartelera/guatemala-guatemala/cinepolis-vip-oakland-mall
Webpage for regular theatres: http://www.cinepolis.com.gt/cartelera/guatemala-guatemala/cinepolis-oakland-mall


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