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Rio Excursion for Students from Punta Brava PDF Print
Students are Welcomed Aboard Steel Magnolia...
July 6, 2017
by Floundering Founder, Retired Editor, Roy McNett (Scoop)

Vicente Yalibat, the administrator of the school in Punta Brava, on the shore of Lago Izabal, Guatemala called me a couple of weeks ago to see if I'd be interested in taking some students from the school on a boat trip from Punta Brava downriver to Livingston.

This would be a rare trip for the students, many of whom have never ventured out of their small village. "Certainly," I said. "I'm always up for a boat trip. How many students would be involved?"

"Around 40," he said, "Including some teachers." "Wow, I thought. I'm gonna need a bigger boat…or at least another boat!" But no problem…Phillip Green of s/v Thumbs Up, a large catamaran, offered his services. (Click "Read more..." below for continuation of story and more photos)

...and Thumbs Up for a Cruise Downriver to Livingston


I picked up the "crowd" at the breakwater dock at Denny’s Beach and we cruised across the lake to Castillo San Felipe where we met Phil and s/v Thumbs Up and transferred about half the students to Phil's boat. Other guests with Phil were Tom and Elva, Leti, Jefferson & David of Sundog
Cafe, Dona Esperanza and her daughter.

For some reason, Vicente decided the boys should go on Phil's boat and the girls should ride with me. Naturally, I didn't have a problem with that…although Phil didn't seem overly enthusiastic about the crew change. :) And off we went to Livingston where we unloaded the students at the municipal dock…they spent the night in the dormitory of a church in Livingston while the Steel Magnolia and Thumbs Up docked at Eugenio Gobbato's place near Livingston.

The next morning Phil picked all 40 passengers up and rafted up to the Steel Magnolia to transfer the students.  An excellent trip with very polite and well-behaved students. It was a pleasure helping them out and we'll certainly be available for the next trip. Hopefully, more boaters from Rio Dulce will participate.

Vicente invites everyone to visit the school!  Many thanks to Chico on Thumbs Up and to Sergio Jor Garcia (Canuto) for their help.


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