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Ram Paint Booth Anniv. and School Fundraiser PDF Print


November 28, 2016
by Kelli Doll

On Saturday, December 3rd, 2016 RAM Marina will be holding an event to celebrate the first anniversary of Rio Dulce’s only yacht painting booth and the 3rd Anniversary of the Ram Marine Store, featuring West Marine Pro products! All items in the store will be discounted 15% the day of the event so come on out! There will be free food and beverages and music to dance to, if you wish!

RAM Marina is once again coordinating this day of celebration to help raise money for the Community Tuition Grant Program for the rural village of Cayo Quemado.  The program provides financial assistance to disadvantaged families, allowing their children to attend middle school, high school and donations permitting, to a university of their choice. All proceeds from the silent auction and raffle will benefit the program. 

As of this date, we have over Q22,800 in prizes and donations for the raffle and silent auction so there is plenty of opportunity to win some great prizes and bid on some very valuable boating services. (See the list below - click "Read more...")

We hope to see you there – enjoy the fun and help a good cause at the same time!

List of Silent Auction Items Available for Bidding

List of Raffle Items

Hair cuts – Arecely’s Barbaria, Río Dulce (3 certificates)

Dinner for Two – Bruno’s Restaurant, Río Dulce

Lunch Special for Two – Backpackers, Río Dulce

Discount towards purchase, Bucanero’s Market, Río Dulce (8 certificates)

Lunch for Two – Café de Paris, Río Dulce (7 certificates)

Bottle of Rum – Ingrid’s Tienda, Río Dulce

Bottle of Rum – Mini-Market L&A, Río Dulce

Two bottles of wine – Anonymous Donor

Guatemala flag – Jennifer Linden, Cayo Quemado

One gallon of motor oil – Taller Flores, Río Dulce

Dinner for Two – Hotel Kangaroo & Las Mexicanas, Río Dulce

Steak & Ground Beef – Leslin’s Meats, Río Dulce

Dinner for Two–Mini-Mike’s Restaurant (Texan Mike), Cayo Quemado

Discount towards purchase, Agromar, Río Dulce

Large Pizza – Sun Dog Restaurant, Río Dulce

Discount towards purchase (hoses/fittings) – MISA Mangueras del Caribe, Río Dulce

Discount towards purchase - Comercial W & L Hardware Store, Río Dulce

Discount towards purchase - Riverwood del Norte (Willy’s lumber)

Discount towards purchase (filters/belts) – El Buen Precio, Río Dulce

Discount towards purchase (stationery supplies) -

Librería Comercial de Río, Río Dulce

Dinner or Lunch for Two, Rosita’s Restaurant, Río Dulce

Discount towards purchase - Gaby’s Bazar, Río Dulce (2 certificates)

Eye Exam, Dr. Cony of MEGALENS, Río Dulce

Dinner for Two - The Shack, Río Dulce

Quart of Roshfrans Nautic Plus Motor Oil – Equipesca, Río Dulce

Three quarts of 2-stroke oil, Yamaha, Río Dulce (2 certificates)

Cash – Anonymous Donor, Río Dulce (5 certificates)



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