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Bob Meredith's Jabiru Stork Sighting PDF Print
Jabiru Stork in Flight Over Lago Izabal

September 19, 2016
Story and Photographs by Guest Staff Reporter Bob Meredith

Editor's Note: Many thanks to Bob Meredith for his article and photographs of the sighting of an unusual bird here on the rio. I’m afraid my broken arm did not heal and broke a second time, so I have been in Guatemala City recuperating from another operation. It is difficult for me to type, and I would love to have more guest articles to fill in the gaps until we can get back to more regular reporting! Send them to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

The 9th of September at 3:48 pm Trish and I saw two uncommon visitors to this area hunting with a Great White Egret among grazing cattle on the edge of a wet land on Lago Izabal’s northern shore.

One of only two storks found in Guatemala (the Wood Stork is the other) the Jabiru Stork is the largest flying bird in the Americas. Standing from four to five feet tall, its wing span can reach over eight feet and its massive bill can be over a foot long.

It uses this bill to feed on all sorts of smaller fish, amphibians, reptiles, snakes, small mammals, and birds. The Jabiru will carry larger fish and small caimans taken in the water to shore and beat them with his bill.

Much more common in Belize, if you wanted to see a Jabiru in the wild a sighting is guarantee at Crooked Tree once the normally solitary birds congregate during breeding season.


Jabiru Storks in a Field - nearly as tall as the cows!




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