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July 4th Celebration at Bruno's PDF Print

Enyoying a Great 4th of July Meal at Bruno's

Editor's Note: The rainy season on the Rio Dulce has come full force! Docks and decks are very slippery, so please be careful. You might even want to throw away your flip-flops. Seriously. I'm blaming them for my broken arm and days in hospital...and no, it had absolutely nothing to do with clumsiness, over-imbibing, nor age! Consequently, this sums up the reason I'm late posting a new article. I'm down to one-handed typing now, too, so please be patient with me for a while. If you have ideas for articles that you have thought about writing and sending to the Chisme, now's the time to do it! A big “gracias” goes to encor for sending the following:
July 9, 2016
Story and Photographs by Staff Reporter encor

Over 60 hungry folk were totally satisfied with the roast pork, macaroni salad, coleslaw, potato salad, sauerkraut, pinto beans, breads, marinated veggies, chocolate cake, apple pie, peach cobbler and happy hour prices.

Proceeds went to a mother and 2 children who will now have a roof, floor, and walls in their home, instead of living in the open. Thank you to Rita Rabre for alerting us to this important community contribution opportunity that gave us a good excuse for a feast…and, of course, a huge thanks to all the chefs who made it happen. It's always a good sign when you run out of food.

The only glitch was a calendar mistake. This was really not St. Paddy's day, even though the pool didn't get the memo.

Click 'Read more...' for additional photos of the festivities.

American Independence Day...NOT Saint Paddy's

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