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Dean's Strange Boat Buddy PDF Print
Dean's Gray Four-eyed Opossum Boat Buddy
August 11, 2016
by Jody Aston, Editor
Photographs by Dean Weidling
Little Guy
Ever hear strange noises on your boat at night and think you might have mice aboard? Well, as some people on the Rio Dulce discovered, recently, it may be an entirely different critter. Dean Weidling, of SV Barmina, has quite a story, as it seems he has been adopted by a Gray Four-eyed Opossum!

Dean had been at anchor for weeks, and was quite surprised to discover the marsupial roaming around his galley. Regardless how he got on the boat, Dean set about making a non-injurious trap to get him OFF the boat. It seemed a good design, but the clever little animal was an “eat and run” pro. Finally, Dean managed to trap “Little Guy” (as he was affectionately dubbed) and took great pains to release him on the shore. He even made a video of the freedom run, even though his adorable little boat buddy was not in a particular hurry to escape.


Dinner - Peanut Butter on a Spoon
Imagine how shocked Dean was, when a few nights later, he heard the familiar sounds of Little Guy rambling around the boat again! Gray Four-eyed Opossums are good swimmers, as well as land dwellers, so he must have climbed the lines back onto Barmina. They are much smaller than other species of ‘possums, and this one didn’t do any damage, so last we checked, Dean had resigned himself to occasional visits from his new friend. He even started feeding Little Guy peanut butter from a spoon!



The Non-injurious Trap

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