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Shell Marinas Offers Immediate Propane Tank Refills PDF Print
Shell Marinas Offers Immediate Propane Refill Service
June 4, 2016
by Jody Aston, Editor and Photographer

Empty Tanks are Weighed Before and After Filling
Most cruisers are familiar with the sputtering sound of an empty propane gas cylinder - usually at an inopportune time like attempting to boil water for morning coffee. Added to the disappointment, getting propane tanks refilled in Rio Dulce has always been a 3-7 day wait. Thanks to a new service provided by Shell Marinas, however, there will be no more waiting!

Inspecting the Tank
Pull up to the Shell Station dock, and give your tank to the employees. You can sit at a table by the cashier and enjoy a drink (and the beautiful view of the rio) while they take the empty for an immediate refill at the rear of the property. You may also want to make use of the adjacent ATM/Cajero.


The Propane Tank Fill Station at the Rear of the Property

Shell Marinas is conscientious regarding both safety and providing good service. The tank cylinders are carefully inspected and weighed before and after filling. The customer only pays for the pounds of propane, with no need to worry about the difference in weight of various types of cylinders. Safety regulations are posted throughout and are noticeably practiced.

Costs are as follows:

25 lbs./Q90
35 lbs./ Q126
100 lbs/Q360

Shell Marinas also has an excellent marine store and workshop. We'll tell you more about that in a future article. Meanwhile, give Shell a visit and make sure you can get that cup of coffee the same morning your tank runs out!

Boat Access and Road Access Through the Nanajuana Gate

The Waiting Area and Cashier, with the Blue and White ATM on the Right Side of the Building

Facilities for Personal Watercraft - Jet Skis, etc.

Well-maintained Grounds

Of Course, You Can Also Fill Up Your Boat Petrol and Diesel Gas Tanks!


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