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Tropical Trees in the Springtime PDF Print
Too Beautiful Not to Share (even though the bike-riding friend was told it would not be on Chisme)! Oops-sorry!
May 18, 2016
By Jody Aston, Editor
Think we don’t have spring in the tropics? Guess again! The Rio Dulce has been alive with color for the past month. True, there are not many flower gardens in the area - certainly nothing like the herbaceous borders one would see in Europe, but living in a tropical climate has taught us to look UP! This time of year, towering trees are our bearers of floral saffron yellows, flaming oranges, rosy pinks and indigos, all in harmony with azure skies.

Jacaranda and Tabebuia rosea

“Trumpet Trees” (in the genus Tabebuia of the Bignoniaceae family) put on an especially spectacular show recently. Being deciduous, the trees drop their leaves and the bare branches blossom into clusters of trumpet-shaped flowers of either yellow or pink, depending on the species. When the flowers drop, making way for new growth, the surrounding ground becomes a colorful carpet. You may have noticed, and even trampled a few pink ones on the steps up to the street at Bruno’s.

On the finca grounds adjoining Tortugal River Lodge and Marina, the yellow floor was almost blindingly brilliant last week. We hope those of you lucky enough to be in Rio Dulce, now, remember to look up and enjoy Mother Nature’s ephemeral display!

Tabebuia Tree

Photobombed by Two Small Hummingbirds on the Right!





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