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Jim Kenworthy Impersonators on the Rio PDF Print

Will the Real Jim Kenworthy Please Get a Haircut?!

April 23, 2016
by Jody Aston, Editor

Thursday night's International Pub Trivia Quiz took a crazy turn when participants noticed there were more white mop-tops than usual. They soon realized they had been invaded by Jim Kenworthy impersonators. The culprits were Miguel, of Moko Point, and Brendan, on Cosmic Turtle (sorry to blow your disguise, guys). On a recent trip to Guatemala City they spotted the wigs and for some reason, Jim, of SV Dreamaway, immediately sprang to mind. Then…well, who could have resisted? Jim and his wife, Kitty, were taken by surprise and loved every hairy minute of it!

Impersonator Miguel, Kim, Trish, Impersonator Brendan, and one of Chisme's lizard-loving reporters, Bob

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