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Jesus Christ Lizard! PDF Print
Bob and Trish Meredith's Lady Lizard Laying Her Eggs
April 16, 2016
Story and Photographs by Bob Meredith (except where noted)

Those of us who have traveled river banks and other shorelines almost anywhere from southern Mexico to the northwest coast of Ecuador are certain to have noticed the smaller lizards which sun themselves on rocks and branches and entertain us with their head bobbing and tree climbing antics. But, they have also startled the bejesus out of many of us when one, unseen and unexpected, has jumped in the water and run off causing a commotion that you in your startled state are certain has been caused by a 25 foot long crockagator.  .

Jesus Christ Lizard Walking on Water
That’s right, “Jumped in the water and run off.” These lizards, properly called Basilisks, are most famous for their ability to “walk on water” which has earned them their nickname of Jesus Christ Lizards or simply, Jesus Lizards. The males have a crest on their heads. The little lady lizard laying her eggs and then covering them was not disturbed by my photographing her. Depending on the temperature and a little luck, the eggs will hatch some 80 to 100 days from now. Let’s all wish the little lizards luck.  (More photos below)

Hey - back off with that camera!

Hiding Her Eggs- Hope Bob Remembers Where They Are So We Can Get an Update When the Babies Arrive

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