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Interactive Map of Rio Dulce Created by Pat Harper PDF Print
Screenshot of Interactive Google Map of Rio Dulce
March 23, 2016
By Jody Aston, Editor

Pat Harper, of SV Ecos, has been working on a labor of love for the Rio Dulce cruising community...and she wants everyone's corroboration to support and enhance her gift of an interactive Google Map of Rio Dulce. Over the last few months, Pat has been collecting sailing waypoints, anchorages and various other pieces of information for boaters and all travelers to the Rio Dulce area.

Map Creator Pat Harper
She requests your help with additions of places of interest and in making corrections. Once she has received input from the boating community, we will make a permanent link to this page on the Rio Dulce Chisme Vindicator menu. When asked why she began such an extensive project, Pat said that she maintains a website in the States and is working on a map project for that site, the Southern Oregon Historical Society. She saw a need for one to benefit the cruising community and said, "Mainly I do this kind of thing because I enjoy it - when it's going well!"

Editor's UPDATE: The map is now permanently linked to the Rio Dulce Chisme Vindicator menu on the right - second to last category!

Here’s the link to the MAP, and information on how you can help: 

Hit the + button at the bottom to zoom into the Rio Dulce. Click the icon, upper left corner, for the list of locations. Pat has included brief instructions for you on the map (and we will expand on those at the end of this article), and categories of Marinas; Hotels and Restaurants; Towns, Villages, Places; Other Services and Businesses, Anchorages, and Coordinates for Cruisers.

Please send suggestions and corrections to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

While you are at it, you can give her a big ‘high-five’ for such an outstanding contribution to the Rio Dulce boating community. Thanks, Pat!  

Below are the extended instructions from Pat, and more photographs. She makes it easy, so no excuses for not collaborating!


Option 1:

Zoom in to the area you wish to view (use + - keys in lower right corner, double click with mouse, or click on map then use fingers to zoom in or out)

To move to a new map area, use your finger on a touch pad, or place cursor on map, hold down the left mouse key and move the map around.

Click on locations of interest for more information. This map is editable! See below for instructions if you wish to add information.

Option 2:

Select a location from the list on left (marina, restaurant, etc)

Use the same zoom features for a better view of our selected location.

If a location is given in the title or the text, the coordinates were provided and are assumed to be accurate. Other locations may be a bit more general.

Decimal coordinates are given in lower left corner of popup. To convert to DMS: first numbers are degrees. Multiply numbers to right of decimal point, including the decimal point, by 60 for minutes. Multiply numbers to right of decimal point, including the decimal point, by 60 for seconds. (e.g. 42.63563 latitude = 42°37’32.27”)


We would love to have additional information and locations on the map.

Edit an existing location:



Click into the layer where the new location should be placed (Marinas or restaurants, for example). The click on the marker icon Image (top of map).

You may select a different icon for your marker after you place and Save it.

Screenshot of the Livingston Area

Screenshot of the Fronteras Bridge Area of the Map

Pat and Her Husband, Mike, of SV Ecos

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