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A Big Turn-out for Ram Marina's Paint Booth Opening and Fundraiser

January 26, 2016
by Guest Reporter and Event Co-organizer, Kathi Wright
Photograhs by Chris Stanley
Editor's Note: Readers may have noticed that I've been a little slow changing the front page lately. I've had issues with my eyes and had to limit my time on the computer. They are on the mend, now, so we'll be back up to speed soon! Kelli Doll and Kathi Wright, the organizers of the fundraiser, have had this story with the results since the end of December and patiently waited for me to publish it. Enjoy! For a slideshow of more photographs - lots of the attendees and raffle winners - click on my Flickr album here.

It was a rainy Saturday, but once again, the Rio Dulce community came out in large numbers for a celebration and to help a good cause. 

On December 5, 2015, more than 160 hardy folks donned their rain gear and turned out to celebrate RAM Marina’s Grand Opening of the only Yacht Painting Booth in

The Paint Booth is Ready for a Tall Mast!
Central America and the 2nd Anniversary of their West Marine store. While the guests were at it, they also graciously extended their generosity and supported the students of the rural village of Cayo Quemado by participating in the tuition fundraiser – a silent auction and raffle – that was held as part of RAM’s event.

A big THANK YOU goes out from the Cayo Quemado Community Tuition Grant Program to RAM Marina’s management, who provided the venue, all the free food and drinks along with a 15% discount on marine products the day of the event. We also give a big thanks to RAM Marina’s staff for all their hard work to prepare the facility for the day.

The Program would also like to thank the many local businesses and individuals who donated products and services for the auction and raffle. Although the majority of donations stemmed from local businesses, additional cash contributions from some tremendously kind cruisers and local residents also boosted the fundraiser’s success. In total, the Program raised Q16,344!

Kelli with Some of the Students Her Program Benefits

Thanks to the following businesses and individuals: 

 * Almacen El Dragon * Amatique Bay Marina * Aquamarine Canvas

* Barberia Arcely * Bronze Star Marine Services * Bruno’s Marina

* Bucanero’s Market * Casa Perico* Catamaran Marina

* Cayo Quemado Sails & Rigging * Centro Eléctrico Musical

* Chris Wooley * Clinicia Veterinaria San Bruno’s

* Comercial Librería Almendra * Comercial W y L

* Flags by Jennifer * Gaby’s Bazar * Helados Saritas Bo. El Centro

* Ingrid’s Tienda * Jody Aston * Kangaroo & Las Mexicanas

* Leslin’s Market * Librería Comercial del Rio* Mini-Market L & A

* Nana Juana Marina * RAM Marina * Repuestos El Buen Precio

* Residents of Cayo Quemado * Residents of Rio Dulce

* Rio Dulce Chisme Vindicator * Riverwood del Norte

* Rodger Day * Rosita’s Restaurant * Sandy on S/V Bonnie

* Sundog Café * SeaKist Services * Tecni Rotulos

* Texan Mike/El Manglar Restaurant * The Crow’s Nest Marina

* Tienda Reed * Tita’s Sala de Belliza Unisex

* Tortugal Marina * Veterinaria VetZoo


Karen, of Ram Marina and Yacht Club
Why an Auction and Raffle?

The suggestion to do a fundraiser actually came from the students in the program. They wanted to help Kelli Doll, the program’s founder, raise money toward their own education. Thanks to RAM Marina’s management, the Program was invited to join in RAM’s Grand Opening & Anniversary celebration. Once that concept was approved by the school committees, parents, and leaders of the community, the fundraiser began to take shape. Overwhelming support also came from Cayo Quemado residents who themselves purchased over Q. 2,300 in raffle tickets from the students who pre-sold tickets door-to-door throughout the village.

The Cayo Quemado Community Tuition Grant Program: How it Works

The volunteers that manage the program annually research the needs within the community and determine which students are eligible, based primarily on economic necessity.  Funds permitting, the program also awards grants to outstanding achievers. Once the students are chosen, funds are disbursed directly to the school system. This ensures the monies benefit only the students/parents who agree to the guiding principles of the program. These include a requirement that each student maintain a minimum 70% grade point average and make a commitment to finish their choice of study. The families also invest in the student’s education by paying for other associated school expenses, and devote time and energy to support the student with their studies. These standards contribute to the program’s overall success – 96% of the students that enter the program graduate. The program was founded in 2011.

Students from Cayo Quemado Helped with the Event
It is important to note that without this program, the families of most of the children who participated in the RAM event would not have the means to pay tuition and associated costs and would not be able to continue into middle school and on to high school.

Along with previous donations, the money raised on Saturday will be used toward funding 20 qualifying students. To see just how much education means to these young people, below is a photo of the current students in the program. It was taken at the ‘after event’ pizza party as they realized that they would ALL be able to go back to school and continue their studies in 2016.

Yea! We Are Going Back to School in 2016!
On a personal note, I want to say that I have been honored to help organize events and raise money for some very worthy causes in the Rio Dulce area. This one has truly touched my heart. With the help of many generous donors, we were able to exceed our expectations. I made a wonderful friend in Kelli Doll, the English teacher, who worked tirelessly on this fundraiser on behalf of the students. I was also honored to meet and work alongside some incredible young students from Cayo Quemado. I wish them all a great school year in 2016 and hope to hear more of their future accomplishments.  

Kathi, Organizing the Silent Auction
How to donate to the Cayo Quemado Community Tuition Grant Program

Anyone who was not able to attend the RAM event but would like to make a contribution to the program may do so at any time. See below for information on how to donate. Funds, in addition to covering tuition expenses, could allow other programs to become a reality such as a music program or the purchase of additional typewriters for the high school typing classes. All financial donations will be most appreciated and put to good use!


-  PayPal through SeaKist’s website @ http://seakistservices.com/pay-your-bill-here--contact-  us.html

-  PayPal through your personal account using the email address:  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

-  Cash [Paid to Kelli Doll, Program Founder]

-  Check made payable to:         Kelli Doll ($US) or

                                                Lucio Coc Perez (Quetzales)

-  Direct deposit to:       Banco Agromercantil (BAM) in the name of:

                                    Lucio Coc Perez #40-55264014

 - Wire Transfer (Contact Kelli Doll for routing information at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or (502) 5057-2093                   

NOTE:  Donations are accepted year-round. All funds are held in a village-owned account and disbursed by decision of the volunteer committee consisting of Kelli, village leaders, teachers and school committees. A full 100% of your donation is used for the education of children in the village of Cayo Quemado. No money is spent on any administrative costs.

Kelli with More Students from Cayo Quemado
For a slideshow of more photographs - lots of the attendees and raffle winners - click on Jody Aston's Flickr album here.

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